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November 20, 2019 / By Aryana
Question: So, I live in the country. I live in a 3 bedroom trailer with 9 people. There's my grandmother, my sister, me, my aunt, my uncles, and their two kids. My room is occupied by a 4 year older and a 6 year older. My baby sister has her own room. My aunt and uncle are renting out my grandmother's room. My grandmother and niece is sleeping on the sofa. Miranda and Clifton have been here for 7 months now and isn't trying to make no effort to move out. I'm ready to have my room, space, privacy back. I don't work, but I have a job; Which is being built right now at a local restaurant. My baby sister and grandmother gets a check every month. My uncle works. My aunt doesn't have a job at all. So, there's problems here and I'm sick and tired of it. I'm going to straight out and say, " I don't like my aunt at all." She's messy, she uses people, and doesn't care about anyone, but herself. I almost dropped out of college on-line because I couldn't do my lessons because of all of the noise. I'm slowly, but steady trying to get through school. My computer is in the living room because I have no room in my room for nothing else. My aunt and uncle smokes weed everyday and they're behind in bill money to my grandmother. My grandmother didn't tell my aunt, uncle, and their family when too be out. I'm about to cut because I don't know what else too do. My grandmother takes up for them, dearly. She takes her frustrations out on me and my sister when things don't go right with her son and daughter-in-law. She lets them get away with murder and she punishes us for the blame that they do. At this point, I don't care about dying. I have too much going on me right now with school, trying to work, and keep my sanity. My birthday is next Tuesday and I don't know if I'll be alive on that day. I'll be 22 next week. I need advice on what to do. I see a mental health provider you guys...I'm on medicine for two mental issues. Not the problem.... I know Milton...I know... I can't do anything until the job is up and running...I'm waiting dearly on that. I talked to my mom about this, I journal, and I get it out...Trust me.
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Zedekiah Zedekiah | 5 days ago
Sounds like you need to get that job going so that you can move out. Not a pleasant situation no matter what way you look at. Stop the thinking about death :) Just fix the situation by getting a job and moving out. The other response about seeing a mental health clinic is not a bad idea either. MIght do good to talk to someone. You can message me here if you do need to talk, but don't give up.
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Sinclair Sinclair
As soon as you get a job, get out. Find a rented room in some stranger's house. This isn't a family, it is a circus. A rented room doesn't cost that much and is a big step up from sharing a room with 2 children and second hand pot smoke. You have the potential to make something of yourself but not there. Many older people need money and will rent an unused bedroom cheap to a working girl going to college. You would give them a little company and
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Onam Onam
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Layne Layne
Maybe you should go to the local mental health clinic in the area where you live. Living like you do ~ you are bound to have issues you have to deal with ~ your grandmother is just doing the best she can with what she has~ you should do likewise~as in end...everyone has their own agenda
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Layne Originally Answered: HeLP! CLICK HERE?
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