Please Help Me in solving my problem.?

Please Help Me in solving my problem.? Topic: Key words in problem solving
November 20, 2019 / By Farrah
Question: My husband does not even listen to my words always he listens only to his parents.Whenever I say something he just dont listent to me so I shout at him he gets angry when I shout like that he keeps scolding this is not the way to lead a family life.Is He dominating me trying to keep me under his control or what else would be his thoughts about me .Please explain .Thanks for you reply.
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Cordelia Cordelia | 4 days ago
At what point in the converation is he not listening to you, and at what point are you getting offensive? I am not going to assume he is overbearing and controlling as many already will because I don't know you, Instead I am going to probe why he may feel aggression towards you. Could it be that the conversation has already gone to what would sound like nagging coming from you? Are you the type of person who usually lies and exaggerates a lot? Do you talk bad about his family? Do you find yourself thinking he doesn't do anything for you unless you get angry with him? Maybe you don't give him enough credit for the things he does? Maybe you are withholding sex from him to get him to do things for you? Maybe all he hears from you are negative comments? Guys (most anyway) aren't agressive towards our spouses. We turn that way when we feel we are being attacked for no good reason, and when we feel we are being backed into a corner. Phrases like "you always..." and "You never..." are accusatory in tone and will not get you what you want. Instead try listening to his point of view, repeat what he says to let him know you heard him. Once you have acknowledged him tell him your side of the issue and ask him if he understands where you are coming from. Try to not be demanding and keep your voice to a normal conversational tone (act like the town gossip is in the next room). This will reduce the possibility of a conflict as shouting will ALWAYS end badly. Finally, if he is listening to his family and not you it seems you have lost their favor and they are trying to talk him into leaving you. If that is the case you need to find out what it is that he is unhappy about. It is obviously something he feels you are doing (or not doing) or he would talk to you about it. Whatever it is, you have to take his complaint in stride and realise that you may be doing something destructive in the relationship. I am not coming to his defense by no means, but try replaying the last arguement you had in your head, but this time switch positions. If he started shouting at you, how would you think and what would you do? the key to working out your diferneces is communicaiton NOT arguing! Listen to him, acknowledge his complaint, voice your opinion, ask for his acknowledgement, then come to a solution you can both live with.
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Bessie Bessie
i hv been in ur place before.it feels awful cuz we r not respected as a human and tht we r not allowed to say our thoughts.i get angry at myself actually to allow myself to get married to sumone like tht.but then again we know all this only after marriage and it sucks. the best way i have learnt to solve is to not raise our voise and listen to them first.then we tell our side of view.it wont work overnite.as time goes by he will soon llearn tht wht u say hv some rational in it and u just wants the best for both of u.
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