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I need your help? Topic: T style cover letter example
November 20, 2019 / By Jojo
Question: I am a african american and proud of it.My whole style has changed once I first started liking the Jonas brothers.I think nothing is wrong with it but my sister says my style is like causcaion people's(white ppl)I know certain african americans were stuff that caucasion ppl dont and vice versa.But its not a rule and its a free country!So my problem is that my style has changed into rocker,punk and stuff like that and my peers(family members and friends)think there is a prob.For example I really wanted this cute shirt.It was a t-shirt with black and pink and it said rock&roll forever and it was covered with a black cotton vest with 3 big buttons. http://www.selfesteemclothing.com/Defaul... that above is a pick of the shirt, the K and L letters are the ones i like but i got the L,tell me what u think of them and also plz tell me what to do in this problem! God bless u all! I have one thing to say,I love liking the jonas brothers and they are a great inspiration to me!They rock like crazy all the time (even though Nick has diabetes he is great!)Also mi mom said the shirt was something no african american would wear I am ashamed she would say that but I guess she is mom.Anyways I hope u can help and if u need me to add more deets I will!
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Gemma Gemma | 4 days ago
What your family and friends are saying IS kinda racist. Tell them that it's a free country. If you like your style, go on with it!
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Dee Dee
wear whatever you want to wear! personally i think the jonas bros. would probably go for girls that shop at forever 21, urban outfitters, etc.
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