Thinking about joining the armed forces, what do u think?

Thinking about joining the armed forces, what do u think? Topic: What is a research assistant professor
November 20, 2019 / By Penny
Question: Im 21, ill be done with my bachelors of science in industrial technology in a year. Im a assistant professor at the local community college and i am working 2 other engineering jobs while in school. I always been interested in the armed forces. Im leaning towards the air force or navy. I know it sounds bad but i don't wanna be in combat. but i heard there is tons of technical jobs in the military. Which is what i wanna do. I stopped by a recruiter and he kept telling me about the money, but to be honest with you in more interested in the experience. But if they pay for my education im not gonna turn it down :) im not entirely sure, what do guys think?
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Best Answers: Thinking about joining the armed forces, what do u think?

Marjorie Marjorie | 2 days ago
Chances are, if you join the Air Force or Navy, you won't see combat. However, there's always a chance, and you will definitely get deployed to the shitholes of the world regardless of what your recruiter tells you. If you're joining for the experience, more power to you. Find a job that gives expertise, (air traffic controller, avionics tech, engine mechanic, etc) and do that. Ask friends who have been in and see what they have to say. It's not the combat that makes people hate their lives in the military; it's the fact that you quite often have to do stupid crap, and you're held to military discipline to do it. It's 1 in the morning, and the staff sergeant decided that he needs to make sure that everyone is in the barracks... so he wakes everyone up without warning and makes you stand outside your door for half an hour while he painstakingly checks every door to make sure people aren't UA. And it's a workday. Parking lot is clean? Don't care, police it again, cause I have nothing for you to do but want you to look busy. Doing five years of that, especially when you're in a technical job, is infuriating. I'm a radio tech; I fix radios for air traffic control towers. My primary occupation right now is pushing a mop. Yep, I'm a janitor with the equivalent of an associate's degree, and I get paid about 1200 dollars a month. Awesome. It's not terrible, (I enjoy my job, or at least the decent parts of it) but it's definitely not something you want to just blindly rush into. Do your research. Mike
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Marjorie Originally Answered: How can i become a lawyer in armed forces?
Through ROTC when you graduate and recieve your commission from you school, you can apply for an educational delay. You will have your three years to graduate law school coming into the Army then as CPT in JAG. Only caveat is, most likely you will be paying for your education or other scholarship. I have two friends who both went this route, I myself considered it but went straight in as an Armor officer instead. One friend is still in JAG, the other is a Corp in NYC. Best of luck to you, ROTC is a great program.

Krystal Krystal
I truly have been interior the army for 10 years (5 national shelter and 5 lively) each branch has that is reward. The Marines are small so as that they are able to be selective yet in addition they have much less decision of jobs and accountability region. the army is extensive yet has a brilliant form of various issues you're able to do and greater possibility for SF and Ranger etc. while you're genuine clever ask approximately extreme college to Flight college and become a helicopter pilot! only think of roughly what you elect to do interior the militia and then look at what branch you elect to connect you are able to confer with greater desirable than one branch at as quickly as in case you are not getting what you elect ask on the top of the month, quarter or economic 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, they are going to be attempting to get their numbers up on the final min so as that they are going to artwork greater durable for what you elect.
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Jeannette Jeannette
if youre that worried about "combat" id go talk to the air force. be sure to tell them about youre coollege experience. with a degree you can become an officer, or with just college experience it can give you a rank enlisted
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Fawn Fawn
go for it! when im older im gonna try to join the Canadian forces but yeah it s probably the most unique job out there and it'll be a cool experience too
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Fawn Originally Answered: Why all the panic about the US Armed Forces being short on troops?
You know the answer Lava, your a smart dude. Its all politics, man. If the liberals can scare us all and make me believe I'm vulnerable to attack due to the misgivings of a republican president, then maybe I will vote for a democrat. It makes me sick every time I see this story. And the media just runs off and flies with it. news flash people, not all Americans are dimwits who rush to judgment on topics they don't first research and learn a little about. Or am i more American if i watch your propaganda films (i.e Fahrenheit 911) and take your media stories as gospel????

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