How Did Jesus Go From Being a Socialist in the New Testament to a Selfish Ayn Rand Anarcho-capitalist?

How Did Jesus Go From Being a Socialist in the New Testament to a Selfish Ayn Rand Anarcho-capitalist? Topic: How to write an amendment
November 21, 2019 / By Blanda
Question: Thank you, How Would I Know: I just *knew* that Jesus supported Second Amendment gun rights. U_bin_called: I have a seminary degree, and I've read and studied the Bible in the original Hebrew (Old Testament) and the original Greek (New Testament) in the historical, political, social, cultural, religious and linguistic context in the period in which it was written to determine the authors' original meanings, so I actually *DO* know what I'm talking about.
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Ainslie Ainslie | 3 days ago
I do not believe Jesus was a socialist, nor do I believe he was an "anarcho-capitalist." Jesus advocated devotion to God rather than devotion to material possessions. The Bible praises charity and frugality, but it also praises industriousness and productivity. There's room for members of many economic schools of thought to find things they like. Beyond that, Jesus personally was rather apolitical as we would use the term today. In fact, he pointed out that one's foremost concern should be with God, not with government. "Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's, but give unto God what is God's." Further, Ayn Rand was an atheist philosopher who favored egoism and laissez-faire capitalism. Jesus was not an egoist, nor was he an atheist, nor was he a laissez-faire capitalist. Thus, any comparison between Rand and Jesus seems misplaced as well. The Bible is a respected work relied upon for religious guidance by people from countries of various governmental structures and economic systems. I suspect Jesus would posit that one could follow God while living in any of them.
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Many good points that will all be for nothing. Christians will never admit that they are wrong or that their scripture are flawed. Jesus said that some there "would not taste death, before his return". Looks like they died to me. Or they are like 2000 years old and hiding.

Tony Tony
Socialism wasn't a word in his day, and Jesus wasn't socialist. He certainly wasn't a capitalist either. He wasn't a tea party dude either--he told you to pay your taxes. If Jesus were hanging out in South Park waiting to share his political opinion, do you think he would support anyone who is running? For all the people saying Jesus never called for the government to care for the citizens, you are right and so wrong at the same time. Which governments were in the world at that time who derived their power from the people? Which were in any way responsible for promoting the general welfare of their citizens? You wouldn't ask, expect, or even hope that the government changes and helps the people--it was their job to tax you and control you, not to help you. Why would Jesus speak to governments that don't exist?
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Read Read
Jesus was not socialist nor anarcho capitalist. Whoever told you that has never read the New Testament. Jesus worked for himself, believed in paying what was due to the government,no more, no less, and believed in charity.
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Mattathiah Mattathiah
Aaah, I see where your problem is here. You're actually stupid enough to think that the Jesus figure was a socialist. That's a mistake common to the poorly educated and those with low levels of intelligence. He wasn't a socialist. Take notice that nowhere in his supposed teachings did he say that it was the government's job to take care of people. In fact, he was about as anti-socialist as you can get.. since he supposedly stressed the responsibility of the individual in charity. Hope that clears up your confusion.
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Joachim Joachim
Jesus was NOT socialist. He preached personal responsibility and caring for each other. Not once anywhere in the Bible will you find him calling for government care or intervention.
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