What 10 things give light in a house? URGENT PLEASE:/?

What 10 things give light in a house? URGENT PLEASE:/? Topic: Teacher giving student homework log
November 20, 2019 / By Janetta
Question: its for a 5th grade that im teaching now. thanks urgent help, ill answer yours too =) i mean what ten things PROVIDE LIGHT..
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Best Answers: What 10 things give light in a house? URGENT PLEASE:/?

Essa Essa | 5 days ago
Some teacher... what ever happened to getting prepared for class before it became URGENT? Incandescent light bulb fluorescent light bulb light emitting diode cathode ray tube (old TV) candle oil lamp gas flame wood fire (fireplace log) infrared heater chemical glow stick (lightning bug) I certainly hope that you don't allow your students to fulfill their homework assignments in the same manner that you prepare yourself for class.
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Claramay Claramay
You are teaching it? Don't you use capital letters in your sentences? Or periods at the end? For your homework: Thomas Edison made an illumination device. The name for a hole in the wall . . . It is made of wax and burns on the end, if you really don't have electricity. Is your television bright or dark? Maybe that is not really an answer. What other electronic unit that you like to use has a screen and might make a room brighter if it was running? If you had a child in bed and they did not like it too dark, what would they ask for that is very small? If it were night time and had your window open at night, what two things might shine into your window? What cold place has a light inside and turns on if you open the door? What HOT thing has a light inside and turns on if you open the door? I keep swimming things in a glass box and they have some illumination. What other pets need a source of light for their health? If you need specifics for this, name the things that use light bulbs. They are not all on a table, but some are really high up and attached to the tall place on your wall, over your head. Keep thinking - I'll bet you could come up with at least two more. . . Time to relax your brain and think, a little bit. Walk around your house and look for anything with a light source. These may not be the answers your teacher is looking for, so you'd better talk to her and be sure of the directions. This is already a direct answer. Do you all really like doing someone's homework for them???
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Basemath Basemath
1.microwave 2.bulb 3.tv 4.torch 5.ipad/phone 6.digital watch 7.computer 8.fire/candles/match sticks 9.glow sticks 10.oil lamp
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Adelia Adelia
Lamps overhead lights the light in the fridge (when it`s open) candles digital alarm clocks digital displays on microwave, vcr, etc nightlights the little green light on the smoke alarm Christmas tree lights fireplace
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