I have a small white lump under head of penis?

I have a small white lump under head of penis? Topic: Case skinning a bear head
November 20, 2019 / By Jamison
Question: I am 14 and quite concerned. It's hard to describe. It looks as though it's skin but it is white and is lumpy. Sorry for the lack of detail but it i's hard to describe and i'm very concerned. Does anybody know what it could be? EDIT: I never noticed it whilst in the bath this morning, so it's obviously developed quickly through the day whether it was there or not. Bearing it mind I am only 14 years old, could it seriously be penile cancer? I think I may leave it for a week and see if it's still there. If it is, I think I'll have to see my doctor. And it cannot be an std as I'm a virgin. It's not exactly a lump as you'd picture, but it it a lump if you know what I mean.
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Frankie Frankie | 5 days ago
Could be pearly penile papules. They're mostly around the rim of your penis head, but sometimes they line up along the fulcrum (the underside of your penis). I got mine about the same age as you. Thought they were warts/herpes! Haha, of course, sex ed rarely teaches things like fordyce spots or ppp. If you're not sexually active than they're not stds. ask your dad about them if you're not too embarrassed or your doctor next time you go. Ignore people that will suggest they're STDs. Especially if they're women as even though 60 percent of all men have fordyce spots and 20 percent of all men have pearly penile papules, few women know what they are let alone that they exist! Edit: Case in point.... * Sigh * How many people of the opposite gender waste their time telling other people what's normal or abnormal in the opposite sex? Seriously, unless you're a guy or urologist stop talking. Otherwise us guys will have to have a pow wow about normal and abnormal discharges and menstruation cycles.
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Frankie Originally Answered: Penis head too sensitive for sex after circumcision?
Since your glans (penis head) had never been exposed before your circumcision it is going to take more than a month for it to adjust to regular contact. You will need to expect over-sensitivity for at least another couple of months. The more you touch your glans, whilst urinating, washing, etc, the quicker it (and your brain) will get used to everyday touch.
Frankie Originally Answered: Penis head too sensitive for sex after circumcision?
No sex for 6 weeks NO EXCEPTIONS. The stitches should start dissolving by day 14 and be done by day 21. (if you can do math that's 2-3 weeks) Obviously this is no where near the appropriate time to try having sex as you are not fully healed. Also if you left your stitches in longer than 4 weeks... why? All that's going to give you is abnormal scar tissue growth and an even uglier scar line. They should have been cut out if they didn't dissolve fast enough on their own. Sounds like you didn't educate yourself well enough before deciding to get the procedure done and didn't ask your surgeon the questions you should have. You should not have attempted sex until 6 weeks after the procedure. Those are basic inctructions your doctor should have given you, or you should have called and asked about. The penile head will lose sensitivity within 1-2 months of the procedure. Some men never really lose hyper sensitivity, I mean after all the penis was never meant to be circumcised so your body isn't designed to adjust for it. Must likely it will just take another couple weeks. -Connor
Frankie Originally Answered: Penis head too sensitive for sex after circumcision?
I am rather suprised that at age 24 you did not discuss all this plus the other options open to you, before signing the form. The glans is an internal organ and does not like being exposed. Most experts say 8 weeks at least. The pro-cirk doctors say 6 but that is optimistic. +

Deacon Deacon
These are commonly called PPPs, or pearly penile papules. They are harmless and do not require specific treatment. Many guys have them and some specialists claim they are a natural phenomenon. They can be removed with laser or electrolysis treatments and sometimes just wear away naturally with normal friction. Whether or not the guy is circumcised is irrelevant and most just accept them as an unsightly but harmless thing.
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Deacon Originally Answered: Small Penis/Girlfriend Help?
Most guys who think they are small are actually normal in length. Unless you are 2.5 inches erect or less you are in the normal range - yes those who research such things say that 3 inch and up is normal. Anything less than 2.5 is considered a micro-penis (google it if you want more information) The problem is that most guys markedly exaggerate their own size. Early research into penis size took guys at their word and normal erect size was something like 8 plus inches. Then researchers got out the tape measure and asked guys to prove it. Low and behold normal size is actually something less than 6 inches. Most women will say that while size is exciting to look at in most - but not all cases they really do not care. Girth if anything is more important than length to most women. I knew of one guy who actually was "blessed" in the size department and he said he couldn't hardly get laid. Lots of women wanted to see it, most wanted to touch it. a few did oral, but none of them were willing to accept it vaginally.
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I totally agree. I myself own 2 large breed dogs and if mine did that they would for sure be put to sleep. My dogs are well trained, well balanced dogs. The people who let there dogs act this way are not a good dog owner. A dog needs boundary's and in the wild big or small the dog would be disciplined by the pack leader. They should not have dogs because it is not fair on the dog. The reason why small dogs do this is that they have had no real training and feel scared. They also "baby" them too much which is no good for ANY dog. A dog is like a child they NEED to know what's right & what's wrong. My dogs were socialized from being 8 weeks old with everything. We even had a house rabbit and no one could believe they didn't eat him.

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