I am writing an essay on the gothic elements of Frankenstein. Can I include religious elements too?

I am writing an essay on the gothic elements of Frankenstein. Can I include religious elements too? Topic: Playing god in frankenstein essays
November 21, 2019 / By Opal
Question: I want to show how Victor was trying to play God and things of that nature, but can that even be considered gothic or should I have a whole paper dedicated to religious elements? any help would be appreciated! THNX
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Best Answers: I am writing an essay on the gothic elements of Frankenstein. Can I include religious elements too?

Magnolia Magnolia | 2 days ago
Religion is a part of most Gothic novels, e.g. Melmoth the Wanderer, Lewis's The Monk, Anne Radcliffe's novels. It should definetely be considered in an essay about gothic elements in Frankenstein.
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Kestrel Kestrel
After looking at the other answers, I think you should include that simply because it IS an important part of the book, and the main motivation of M. W. Shelley is to show how science in those modern times, so to speak, were directly defiant of most religious beliefs, thus the subtitle The Modern Prometheus. If you're not sure, or haven't got enough to prove it a gothic element, then just mention it without making emphasis on it. The best of course, would be to research about the basic elements of gothic and try to include it among them. Just a couple of cents.
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Jael Jael
I have just read that book helping a child with English. I think I would dedicate the whole paper to the religious elements.
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Emily Emily
i would show both, just dont flat out tell this is the gothic or religious part, since they both go together sort-of, that book is good, and confusing at times. i think that what he did to get the parts was gothic and creating the monster is playing god.
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Chrystal Chrystal
Part of the goth lifestyle is a darker side to religion, go ahead, usually the more detail the better the grade.
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