What are key pros and cons of the effects night photography produces?

What are key pros and cons of the effects night photography produces? Topic: Camera research motion
November 20, 2019 / By Kaety
Question: I am researching into artists and producing my own night photography work. What are the disadvantages and advantages? Of the finished effect, not the process.
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Best Answers: What are key pros and cons of the effects night photography produces?

Gwendolen Gwendolen | 6 days ago
The main disadvantage is the extreme contrast range. Camera's just can't capture all the detail. So you need to do some compression in some form. What a lot of "night" photographers will do is actually shoot at dusk just before it gets too dark. You still have a little light in order to retain some detail in the dark areas. But you don't have a lot of time. HDR is another option if motion isn't an issue. But night photography is a broad topic. We both could be doing night photography but the only common element might be "night". Light painting with flash is one form of night photography that you just couldn't do any other time. So obviously working at night is an advantage. Light painting allows you to create effects that just are not possible at any other time.
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Didi Didi
shutter speed and F stop all depend on available light... but set the Fstop low and have your camera focus on something near you ie: dashboard in this particular picture.. your shutter speed and ISO are the only things you should have to adjust to get the desired exposure!
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