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November 20, 2019 / By Gadiel
Question: I am 15 and live in Winston-Salem North Carolina I just moved here from Phoenix, Arizona. All I have is warm weather clothes and its freezing down here. I currently do not have a job but am looking but i need clothes and shoes for school all i have is 2 pairs of boots n a pair of sneakers and my mom cant afford to buy me clothing or shoes right now im a thick girl so is there anywhere i can go to but clothing thats affordable and looks nice for me id really appreciate the help. Thanx Happy Holidays
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Denton Denton | 7 days ago
Seriously, the Salvation Army. My sister and I go there. She went recently and had to get a whole new wardrobe for her new job in sales. She looks great and you would never know that she shopped there and she gets tons of compliments. If you are completely uncomfortable about going there, try Kmart, Target, or Walmart. These stores have made tremendous strides in improving they clothing selection.
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Denton Originally Answered: Help me with these clothes?
I agree, Tibby's style is sooo cute, I would shop at Zumiez at the mall for some of the things, but some of her clothes are preppy so Forever 21 might work as well. A good way to start is to maybe think of one outfit in particular that you really liked and then dissect it and start with the shirt, scarf ect and work your way down to her shoes, and then look for items that are similar at department stores or at the mall, It sounds cute for you though, so you should totally do it, I'm actually dying my hair her EXACT color cause I loved it so much before school starts, good luck! Oh and before you go shopping I'd look online at the websites of stores like Zumiez and Wet Seal to see if its what you looking for, hope this helps!

Belteshazzar Belteshazzar
Many of the mass retailers like Walmart and Target are buying into the designer label and fashion trend mania that has been going on for the past 10 years. So you can find very stylish pieces for under 20 dollars. Walmart has a line called George that is supposed to be inspired by London fashion. Target has great clothes, and Isaac Mizrahi-designed fashions. They also have this chick with a weird name that is inspired by Paris fashion, but her stuff is a bit expensive and too trendy. In these same places, you'll find peacoats and jackets for winter, and Payless sells winter boots for under $30.
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Aaren Aaren
Try the Goodwill... it actually can be considered somewhat trendy to find "retro" clothing at the Goodwill... 208 JONESTOWN RD WINSTON SALEM,NC 27104 (336) 768-9778 2701 UNIVERSITY PKY WINSTON SALEM,NC 27105 (336) 725-1203 514 WAUGHTOWN ST WINSTON SALEM,NC 27127 (336) 777-0619 The website for the Goodwill in NC is: http://www.goodwillnwnc.org/
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Sherry Sherry
wal mart old navy k mart target Ross TJ Maxx Marshalls SALE RACK ANYWHERE!!!! even dept stores have some things on clearance u can get for cheapie! :) good luck, get some Warm clothes u can mix and match, like a good coat, sweater, jeans, long johns, and u can just add on as u find things on sale. but make sure u have to staple warm clothing
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Peony Peony
I think you should ask your daddy to give you some money or your other family member i'm so sorry to hear that i would get you some of my clothes but i'm not a thick girl.
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Marjory Marjory
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Marjory Originally Answered: How can I make my own clothes?
If you feel confident with your sketching and Adobe Illustrator/CAD skills, then it is crucial that you learn dressmaking and sewing. To break into fashion requires that you know how to sew and drape a garment. To start, you need to purchase a sewing machine. If you are just starting out, then it would make sense to buy a basic sewing machine, like the Singer Simple. Don't feel limited by the amount of stiches available, as you'd be surprised with the variety of clothing you could make with only these stiches. You also need to practice handsewing and running fabrics underneath the sewing machine. Don't worry about sewing nice clothes right now, it'll all come in due time. Now you have to think about a mentor. Your Mom might be an avid sewer without you ever knowing it. Perhaps your BFF's grandma sews clothes. If no one you know sews or lays out patterns, it would be beneficial for you to sign up for teen sewing classes at Jo-Ann. Like I said earlier, don't worry about learning how to sew dresses yet. Just focus on sewing basic patterns. Once you feel comfortable with this, you can attempt to sew those designs waiting to shine in your sketchbook! A book I found helpful was "200 Projects to Get You Into Fashion Design" by Tracy Fitzgerald and Adrian Grandon. This book is written well and is step-by-step. Also, search "fashion design" at your local library's website. I'm 11 and I too share your dream... Good luck!

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