How do I form a string using various variables in C++?

How do I form a string using various variables in C++? Topic: Case string c#
November 20, 2019 / By Airlia
Question: I have three ints: d, m and y which store the day, month and ,year respectively of a person's date of birth. How can I create a string using these three variables to output their birthday? For example, their birthday is January 1st, 2000. So d = 1, m = 1, and y = 2000. How can I pass these into a function which then forms the string "1/1/2000" and returns that as their date of birth?
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Tracey Tracey | 7 days ago
In the following code you also can find some number formatting in case - deviating from your assignment - you want to have a date like 01/01/2000. This is also to stress the flexibility of stringstream. #include #include #include using namespace std; string get_birthday(int d, int m, int y) { stringstream ss (stringstream::in | stringstream::out); ss << setfill('0'); ss << setw(2) << d << "/" << setw(2) << m << "/" << setw(4) << y; return ss.str(); } int main() { cout << get_birthday(1,1,1990); return 0; } -------------------- |error: 'struct std::ostream' has no member named 'str'|
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Guys, don't waste memory. public static String sort(String s) { if (s.length()==1) return s; char lowestChar = s.charAt(0); int lowestCharIndex = 0; for (int i = 1; i < s.length(); i++) if (s.charAt(i) < lowestChar) { lowestChar = s.charAt(i); lowestCharIndex = i; } return lowestChar + sort(s.substring(0, lowestCharIndex) + s.substring(lowestCharIndex + 1)); }

Red Red
I usually use a stringstream to work with numeric values and string values. Eg: #include #include using namespace std; int main(void) { stringstream ss; int myInt = 10; ss << "Concatenating text and integers: " << myInt; cout << ss.str() << endl; return 0; }
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Mattie Mattie
Suppose, you have as ur example: // start of code #include void Birthday(int , int, int); int main() { int d = 1; int m = 1; int y = 2000; Birthday(d, m, y); return 0; } void Birthday (int d, int m, int y) { cout << d << "/" <
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Joash Joash
stringstream, as already mentioned: std::string make_date(int d, int m, int y) {      std::ostringstream os;      os << d << '/' << m << '/' << y;      return os.str(); }
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