Whats up with my parents?

Whats up with my parents? Topic: What is a problem solving plan in math
November 21, 2019 / By Christin
Question: I'm the oldest child in my family. Lately my parents have been so mean to me. They are always yelling at me and I can't take it anymore so I start to cry. My parents yell at me more and threaten to hit me with a belt. I'm just so sensitive. I'm pretty sure this is affecting my grades because recently I got a 45% on my math test (75% is failing) I all of a sudden have low self estiems and I can;t concetrate on anything anymore. My dad gets mad for the slightest reasons and my mom too. Whenever they come home me and my 2 brothers get scared. Lately I have been planning to run away. Sometimes i feel like killing myself. They yell at me and scream and say im useless to the family and that I cant do anything. So i stopped beliveing in myself. Everyday I cry myself to sleep. Please whats going on :(
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Avalona Avalona | 10 days ago
honestly asking us on Yahoo Answers won't solve the problem...sorry. I don't have an exact answer because I don't know how your parents feel. Maybe they are both really stressed and having problems (whether it be financially, or between each other, etc) soo they take out the anger on you. THIS IS THE BEST ADVICE: confront them and have a family meeting. I know it sounds scary and i hate confrontations but you have to do it. Just tell them nicely that they are scaring you and your sibling and that its affecting your social life and school. I wish you luck! It would take a load off of your shoulders once you finally do it or at least tell them how you feel. What is the worst that can happen?
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Abelia Abelia
My advice is this, grow from it. Stop caring what your parents think (not in a become a drug whore way of course) but if they treat you badly, get mad at them, in a sense. State a well reasoned argument that explains their actions being illogical and unfair. And above all, get out of your house as much as you can, hang out with friends or at the library so you can study.
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Steve Steve
im the same way...but im the youngest in 12 and my parents act like they hate me.what i have decided to do was stay in my room all day.i tried talking to them but it doesn't work.do not kill yourself.i thought of doing that but if u endure it God will bless you.and don't run away because someone might still you or you could get lost.just ask God to hep your parents nd u an he will.promise!
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I would advise you share your story with a trusted adult family member (other than your parents) or your school counselor, teacher, nurse or principal as soon as possible.
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