Need a good thesis statement about vietnam war?

Need a good thesis statement about vietnam war? Topic: Vietnam research paper thesis statement
November 20, 2019 / By Syd
Question: i need a good one i am doing a research paper about the Vietnam war. " the cause's of the Vietnam war" is what im mainly talking about, and the effect
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Best Answers: Need a good thesis statement about vietnam war?

Reba Reba | 9 days ago
i'm sorry to enable you recognize this, yet your thesis is already going interior the incorrect direction, because of the fact the guidance you have so far is incorrect. lookup "The Gulf of Tonkin determination" and additionally you will locate that congress UNANIMOUSLY exceeded the determination, which gave President Johnson unheard of powers to place U.S. protection stress wrestle troops in Vietnam. In different phrases, your helping element is incorrect. in case you opt for my advice, you may replace the subject be counted of your thesis from something this is an opinion to something authentic. WHY the U.S. have been given in touch in Vietnam will continuously be arguable, yet in actual reality we DID get entangled. Your thesis question must be "How come?". i've got been analyzing Vietnam and the Vietnam war on account that i become a new child, and that i assure that your learn would be greater interesting discovering the subjects and incidents premier to U.S. involvement. than yet yet another opinion relating to the Vietnam war. perchance you will the right thank you to evade yet another Vietnam war once you become president interior the destiny.
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Reba Originally Answered: What is a good thesis for a research paper, if my topic is the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War?
A much shorter answer: There are those who perceive the War in Iraq and/or Afghanistan as a continuation of the Persian Gulf War. There are those who compare these theatres of war with Viet Nam asking the question: 'Will the result be the same for America in this conflict as it was in the conflict in Viet Nam?' You could put this into the centre of your argument and therefore adopt it as your thesis statement.

Merlyn Merlyn
You need to first figure out what your research paper is going to be about; what point you are arguing. From there, just start writing. Try and break out of the 5 paragraph essay format..it confines you to a limited amount of extrapolation, and later on in college will become a burden...it won't earn you any points. Unless your teacher specifically told you otherwise for this paper, you can put your thesis statement anywhere in the paper. So figure out what you're writing about, and then create your own argument/thesis...To accomplish this and have a good piece of writing, you will need to study up on the specific topic/point you're arguing w/in the Vietnam War. ADDED: Also, someplace w/in your paper you should acknowledge a "counter-argument." You can disagree with their point of view, but it should still be in the paper--it adds credibility to your writing.
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Leslie Leslie
How about "Myth vs. Fact". The 1st link covers the the 30 years of war from 1945 to 1975. The 2nd has data to show how many were there and who they were. The last 2 are in regards to John Kerry: The 1st one is Art 104 of the UCMJ. He addmitted violating this art. in his book. He was still a Navy Officer whn he met in secret with N. Vietnamese offcials in Paris. Take note it carries "death" as the max penalty. The last one is in regards to his 1st Purple Heart. Read the criteria and then tell me how being wounded and treated with a bandaid fits in. Expand that to the fact the round that wounded him was fired by him. He shot a M79 grenade launcher towards shore. The round went off close enough that shrapnel hit him. There were no hostiles present either. If ther are Vietnamese in your area make sure you talk to some old enough to have lived thru the whole thing. I know 13 that did. One was an ARVN Major that served from 1955 - 1975. Ask them about the things Kerry claimed happened there. All I know just call it lies.
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Josette Josette
For my Master's Thesis I stole the thesis of Henry Kissinger that was in his 1968 article in Foreign Affairs. Kissinger asserted that the war was lost because any individual citizen of the South who supported the Government would be murdered by the insurgency.
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Georgine Georgine
How can you win one war if you have to fight two? I lost 2 uncles in VN....one of thiers sons in Iraq and 2 still there. Neither of them are baby rapers....they served and people look down on them for it!! Theres a good thesis....don't expect a good grade though!!!!
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Georgine Originally Answered: What is a good way to rephrase this statement to make it a thesis statement?
Way too broad. Do you want to explore "Societal norms of the 1920's and their effect on the status of women" or "How the women's movement was inspired by the freedom of the 'roaring 20's' ", or... Decide exactly where your interest lies, then state it as specifically and succinctly, as possible.

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