Witches/ Wiccans: What does one have to know and or do in order to cast effective spells?

Witches/ Wiccans: What does one have to know and or do in order to cast effective spells? Topic: Amazon case study answer
November 21, 2019 / By Ravenna
Question: 1. What is needed in order to cast spells? 2. Does visualization really help a spell work? 3. What if it is hard for me to visualize my spell, are there any other alternatives to do so? 4. What Gods or Godesses should I call on to aid me? 5.What is the best time of day to cast a spell? 6. Do spells usually work? 7. Does one have to be a witch to cast a spell? 8. Can others cast effective spells for others? Any other information that you know will help drastically. Justin D: You may be a Christian. However, I believe that Christianity is an untrue religion and I will not take advice from a Christian. I do not appreciate Christianity. whatever: I appreciate your answer and you are right. I should study more and find my path. Thank you for this website, I will definately check it out. You are very much appreciated hunn.' The Godess rocks my soul: Thank you for your answer. You answered my questions. However, I still do not have a basic understanding on going about casting a spell from your answer.
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Merilyn Merilyn | 4 days ago
1. All that is *needed* to cast spells is you - your will, your intentions, and your focused energy. 2. Yes 3. It seems to me like you are trying to jump into spells before learning much about spell craft. Start at the beginning. Start with learning meditation and magical techniques, the basic mechanics of magic, the hows and whys magic works and doesn't work. You don't need to use visualization to cast an effective spell, but you DO need to raise and direct energy into a spell to make it effective. I would recommend starting with this book which is basically a witchcraft 101 course: http://www.amazon.com/Inner-Temple-Witch... 4. No deities are needed in order for you to cast spells. IF you choose to solicit the aid of a deity within a spell, make sure it is appropriate to the working, and make sure you are familiar with and have paid respect to that deity. For example, you wouldn't call on a god of war for a fertility spell. Each of the gods and goddesses have their own specialties. Start studying up on mythology so that you will become familiar with them, and you can build relationships with those you wish to work with. 5. I don't worry too much about time of day. Between work and family and walking the dog and doing household chores and such, I would schedule workings around my other life's priorities. Some like to tune into the cycles of the moon when working spells, so the waxing moon would be for growth and bringing things to you whereas the waning moon would be better for banishing (like in breaking bad habits) or sending things away from you. But if you so choose to work on this cycle, let's say you wanted to do a healing spell for someone but it's a waning moon. You don't have to wait for the moon to be in waxing phase to bring healing to someone - you could look at it in terms of ridding one of their illness or pain. 6. A properly cast spell will work, but sometimes not in the way one would expect. A guy I knew once cast a general spell to find a new love (not directed at any particular person as that would be unethical, interfering with that person's free will). In any case, in the back of his mind he thought it would help him find a partner. But apparently he wasn't quite specific enough about what it was he was looking for. Then he realized he had to get out there and be in social settings so that he would have a better chance of meeting that love. It was winter, so he started hanging out at a ski lodge. Well, eventually he figured he couldn't just hang at the pub there, or reading by the fire, so he started to learn how to ski. And guess what? His new found love was skiing. 7. Witchcraft is a magical practice most commonly associated with spell craft and spell casting. You could be considered a witch if you engage in this practice. You could also be considered a witch if you practice herbal health/healing, divination, and any number of other practices. But it is just a label - if you don't like it, don't use it. 8. With proper training and becoming adept at spell craft - of course.
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Merilyn Originally Answered: Are there actual spells that anyone can cast?
Prayer A recited incantation designed to force or cajole a deity or deities into changing the normal, existing, or probable course of events in the universe, obtain an advantage, or avoid a divine penalty. Also an expression of gratitude or adulation, or an affirmation of continual fear, made to a deity. A prayer is often accompanied by a promise or a sacrifice (the firstborn, money, giving up a favorite vice, not lying, a select bit of food the priests can eat) to seal or satisfy the agreement. A spell.

Leonore Leonore
1) What you need for a spell is largely based on the spell. Some spells need a lot of stuff and other spells need nothing. Some even require you to be naked. 2) For some spells it does. 3) You don't HAVE to visualize for a spell. The only thing that I know of that requires visualization is Astral Projection. 4) Your choice. 5) Midnight preferably on a full moon or at noon. 6) Depends on how much faith you put in the spell. If you half expect it to work then it probably wont work. 7) No. 8) Yes. edit-- Not all spells are casted the exact same and not all people cast the same spell the same way. It's largely based on your religion so to speak. Before you cast any spell you should go through a year and a day of study.
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Jordon Jordon
1. your brain 2. yes 3. yes... but all require discipline. learn to visualize. 4. whichever you're connected to. The gods choose you. 5. depends on the spell. new things are created in the morning, things are banished in the evening. 6. keep a strict record of what you do. You'll find out if they work or not. 7. everyone is a witch, if they so want to be. 8. who are the "others"
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Georgene Georgene
Um, wicca is more of a self-made "religion." What works for one person doesn't mean someone else can't do something else. As far as witches/witchcraft, there are definitely right and wrong ways; but again it varies among different ethnic groups and cultures - no one really agrees on anything. So my advice, just keep trying different things and see what works. Actually, scratch that idea - I am a Christian, so my advise is don't get involved in witchcraft - it might sound fascinating and powerful, but it is an abomination and will lead to your destruction.
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Della Della
Seek and study as much as possible until you can answer those questions yourself. Then you will know what to do and how to do it. Every Wiccan, Witch and Pagan has their own way or doing things. The gift is either in you or its not. I suggest you be sure of your path before you skip important things and get yourself in a mess. I find www.paganspath.com works for beginners.
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Della Originally Answered: Wiccans, why do spells require years to learn when its so simple?
Dear One, the idea of even answering this has me worn out. All right, what you are saying sounds very like (forgive me) a teenager who thinks their parents are dumb because they shouldn't be stressed out all the time, as running a household is "easy." Or that parenthood is "easy." I mean, all you have to do is work, pay the bills, and keep the kids alive, right? How hard can it be??? That's the classic song of someone who has not clue one about what they are undertaking. Spell craft is not step one, step two, step three. It's learning not only to build a very specific skill set, but it's also learning to navigate the playing field. Magic, real magic, takes the course of least resistance and the straightest path. Even very experienced practitioners can fail (and often do) to calculate for variables that in retrospect, mattered. And if this stuff were easy, why do you think even the stereotypes of the "magician" have this old dude with thousands of books consulting his many tomes before doing a working? Oh, right...because it's "easy." I've been practicing magic for around 20 years. As an extremely experienced witch with many successes, I can tell you about some of the unforeseen things that I have learned from over the years. Here is an example: 5 years ago, I did a very involved, super-tightly planned out (or so I thought) working to get the money to re-do my kitchen. The 70's wanted my kitchen cabinets back. Of course, the idea was to attract a great contract for more work or win the lottery or something like that. I needed around $20,000. I did the working, having all the spiritual and energetic "muscles" already developed through years of practice and study, and put in all the usual stop-gaps that experienced witches use, such as stipulating that no one be harmed, yaddah, yaddah. That very day, my husband and I were at a coven event in another city and my teenager accidentally set the kitchen on fire. No one, not my daughter nor her 3 friends, was hurt. But my entire upstairs was unlivable and had to be completely gutted. We got an insurance settlement to fix the kitchen and upstairs, and we could not live in our home for 4 solid months of pure hell. I'm now sitting in my new kitchen writing this to you. Did the spell work? You bet it did. Could I say that it was worth it? Not sure. But it worked. THIS is the sort of thing I'm talking about when I say "variables." If you think saying a rhyme and thinking you're changing your brain waves is spell casting, all I can tell you is that basically what you're doing is sitting in a car that isn't running, saying "Vroom, vroom! I'm driving." You are doing nothing of the sort. But please, go ahead. Don't listen to trained, skilled witches. We clearly don't know what we're talking about.

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