Do i suffer from insomnia?

Do i suffer from insomnia? Topic: Insomnia research
November 21, 2019 / By Hedley
Question: For these past 6 months, i've been having trouble sleeping. If i go to sleep early, i last about 7 hours to sleep and then , the other day i wake up very late. If i sleep late, i wake up early. I think the reason why I'm an insomniac is because i'm having a lot of fears and problems during adolescence.( BTW, I'm 13 ( almost 14) years old. ) These involve friends, mostly girls, and also with myself. I'm having a lot of fears of my future : marriage, family and work. I also realized that when i sleep, i dream about my problems but in a positive way. Example: About 3 months ago , i asked out a girl but she told me she has a boyfriend and in my dreams, I picture myself instead of her boyfriend. ( a little weird) I have other dreams which are worse than this. What do i do and do i suffer from insomnia?
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Eliphelet Eliphelet | 7 days ago
omg that used to happen to me too its really annoying in it? because in school you get tired due to lack of sleep. but insomnia is caused mostly by stress and yes you do suffer from it but i can help firstly you need to stop thinking about the future because you are in the present ok? live today and live tommorow when it becomes tommorow. ok here are things i did that helped straighaway!! - exercise (it releases chemicals from the brain which relaxes the whole body) - have a regular sleep patter (so your body becomes used to one system of sleep times) at nigh before you go to bed (like 30 mins before) have lettuce in brown bread and then a warm glass of milk mixed with some honey these 4 foods release tryptophan (you can research that if you want) which helps you to relax and sleep better also theres a drink called HORLICKS which is guaranteed to help you sleep eat healthy evryday main point: DONT HAVE CAFFEINE (main culprit) OR PLAY TOO MUCH VIDEO GAMES OR ANYTHING OF THAT SORT KOZ IT KEEPS YOUR BRAIN STIMULATED AND PREVENTS SLEEP hope i helped XD
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Eliphelet Originally Answered: Help my insomnia is really bad:/?
-get up and out of bed if you can't fall asleep and read something really boring in a dimly lit room... the key is to have positive associations with your bed (don't watch tv, read or do homework on bed... bed = sleeping place only). - don't watch tv or use computer an hour before bed... that stimulates your mind - get out of bed at the SAME time every day... generally the same goes for going to bed except if you can't fall asleep within thirty or so minutes, get out of bed and do what I described in the first bullet - don't demand sleep from yourself, let sleep come to you hope this helps :0)

Cherokee Cherokee
It's just trouble falling asleep, not insomnia. Insomnia is when you can't fall asleep (at least not as fast as most people) and you don't sleep at all during the day. Count how many hours you sleep during a day and include the naps too. If it sums up to 7 or more, you don't have insomnia. 6 hours is okay too actually. 5, you will prolly be tired. But like 3 or 4 hours of sleep per day for weeks, that's probably insomnia. Your sleep cycle is a little distorted, but at that age, it's normal. Try not to watch late-night movies. Keep up to your regular sleep cycle. Sleep at 12, wake up at 6 (even though you have to finish that assignment by next morning!) and stick to that for three weeks, and your body will adjust itself back to the regular sleep cycle. The dreams you're having is probably just your brain playing tricks. It mixes up reality and your imagination/sub-conscious imagination. And you worry a lot. It's good in a way, because it helps you keep focus on your studies and plans your future, but you're 13, I mean, you know, be 13. Don't worry about being 30. Worry about that later. You have so much that you can do now, just be a kid, enjoy yourself. And because of your past fears and problems is exactly why you should be enjoying yourself now. I would do anything to be 13 again and do what kids that age do instead of worrying about my higher education, GPA's, colleges, scholarship, etc. Best of luck, kiddo. ;)
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Alwyn Alwyn
Before you ask questions about insomnia, learn what it is first. Insomnia is the inablity to sleep, people with insomnia will sometimes go DAYS without sleeping. If you are getting 7 hours of sleep a night... then you are perfectly normal. In fact, I wish I could get 7 hours of sleep a night... I'm averaging about 5.
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Tiana Tiana
I know this is an old question but I had to answer. I suffered from bipolar disorder for 5 years - so I had my share of episodes of deep depression. The whole thing started with major depression. The thing about disorders like bipolar are that they are caused by biological factors. My depression came on without warning - like I woke up one day extremely depressed and steadily got worse. There was no event that caused it. After 5 years of severe ups and downs, and a hell of a lot of work to get myself sane and stable again, my nightmare was over. I still have some episodes of depression but they are very short and not nearly as bad as they used it be
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Tiana Originally Answered: Insomnia and how to help it?
Your insomnia may be due to anxiety or mild depression, in which case you can be put on anti-depressants for either case. This will help you to fall asleep at night, as well as regulate your brain chemistry which will help over the long run to reduce your anxiety and help you to naturally have good sleep patterns. I found that meds helped me to fall asleep, but they didn't "dope" me up to the point where I couldn't wake up in the middle of the night if needed. I have been off medications for a few years now and my sleeping patterns are back to normal. Also, I have found cutting certain things out of my diet such as nicotine and caffeine have helped, as well as getting at least thirty minutes of significant exercise a day. I wouldn't suggest using over the counter sleeping pillls, as these are a temporary solution, as well as they make the problem worse once you stop using them, thus risking the possibility of addiction to the pills. Your issue sounds more deep rooted, perhaps an off balance of your biochemistry, therefore it would probably be a better solution for you to go on some sort of medication as listed above to fix the problem. Using sleeping pills is more like putting a band-aid on the issue instead of healing it. Either way I would consult with a doctor to find the best solution for you. Don't worry, this is something that can be fixed. I hope everything works out for you :)

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