How.PSD file web template works?

How.PSD file web template works? Topic: How to write a work plan template
November 20, 2019 / By Rafe
Question: im planning on making a anime website there are people selling web design in .PSD file how to use it on a website? is it a design only or does this include features such as Ex anime series tab or ongoing series tab like this http://www.goodanime.net
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Markus Markus | 1 day ago
It is a picture. That is all. A developer can cut pieces out of it and write markup and stylesheets to reassemble it around the content.
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Jerold Jerold
They are not really web templates; they are web design templates. That means, you can't really create a web site from PSD "templates", but you use them as design templates so you can graphically design your web page before you actually create the web page. You still have to create the web page yourself. .PSD are Photoshop files. Photoshop is a bitmap graphics editor, not a web site editor. So you can use the PSD to create images for your web site. But do not save the whole web page design as a single image and use that as your whole web page.
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Gil Gil
it's only a picture, if you don't have experience in web design. Don't buy it- it will be a waste of time and money.
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Donald Donald
Use photoshop, work with the layers, modify text and images, slice it out, save for website. Then make the CSS + XHTML to put all sliced images together to have your website.
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Donald Originally Answered: How do you make a dreamweaver file into one single HTML file with photos and content attached?
Anything pointing to an external file has to point to where that file is on the server. IOW, if your images are in the directory /images, an img tag has to be Dreamweaver will do this for you if you maintain the same directory structure on your development computer and on the server. If you move files, you have to change paths manually. You CAN NOT have a single file with HTML and pictures. HTML is a text file, pictures are picture files. (You can have all your Javascript and CSS in the HTML file - which is a bad idea for a number of reasons.) Your best bet is to trash Dreamweaver (it's a $400 piece of bloatware that professionals laugh at amateurs for buying) and learn how to write websites, since you're going to have to be doing some of the work anyway.

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