I NEED A THESIS! THROW SOME IDEAS AT ME? Topic: Writing thesis quotes
November 21, 2019 / By Buddy
Question: Moi paper's due 2morrow... and i still need a thesis.. as my teacher said, *quote* "ur thesis must be wise and thoughtful...or ur failing this class..." Ppl...HELP MOI!!!!!!!! and, she said anything in this universe would be fine.. just anything... Im suppose to make up my own topic and stuff
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Originally Answered: I need compare and contrast ideas. Anyone wanna throw some ideas at me?
If this character is crazy enough to wear sweats under her prom dress for a "breakdance extravaganza" , Don't you think its rather lame she just says ok at the end? It needs more zest. On your part and hers. The point of a short story is to portray the psychological mindset of the character to the person reading it. "I don't want to go to prom with you" and "okay" don't do that. Try telling the reader how he felt before he told her that. Were his palms sweaty when he picked up the phone? Was he nervous at all? Or was he confident in what he was saying, not caring what her actions were? You don't have to say how the girl felt obviously b/c she's not the main character but she could do something a little crazier than a 'strained okay". You could hear her screaming in the backround, she could chew you out because she spent 500 dollars on a dress, she told her dad and he knocks on your door, etc etc. The point of a short story is this... Life goes on-boom. something happens/something happens/something happens (like scenes)...then life goes on and your character is changed, whether he knows it or not. Hope I helped! Goodluck...sounds like a fun read.
Originally Answered: I need compare and contrast ideas. Anyone wanna throw some ideas at me?
She says, that's okay because I'm doubledating in a threesome with [your friend who set you up with the blind date]. She says, okay. Would you like to go bowling instead? okay, I guess this means I'll tell my dad we don't need to borrow the Ferrari for prom night afterall

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