I understand why it can be hard for some Christians to accept evolution, but what about the Big Bang Theory?

I understand why it can be hard for some Christians to accept evolution, but what about the Big Bang Theory? Topic: Different ways to present a research project
November 21, 2019 / By Nelda
Question: I find it ironic that scientists rejected the BBT when Georges Lemaitre first put the theory forth because they thought that he was only trying to justify Genesis
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Best Answers: I understand why it can be hard for some Christians to accept evolution, but what about the Big Bang Theory?

Louanna Louanna | 3 days ago
Most Christians do not take the stories of creation in the Bible literally. Catholics believe the book of Genesis tells religious truth and not necessarily historical or scientific fact. Some of the religious truths are that God: + Created everything + Created humanity is His (or Her) likeness and image + Declared all of Creation was good Catholics can believe in the theories of the big bang or evolution or both or neither. On August 12, 1950 Pope Pius XII said in his encyclical Humani generis: The Teaching Authority of the Church does not forbid that, in conformity with the present state of human sciences and sacred theology, research and discussions, on the part of men experienced in both fields, take place with regard to the doctrine of evolution, in as far as it inquires into the origin of the human body as coming from pre-existent and living matter - for the Catholic faith obliges us to hold that souls are immediately created by God. Here is the complete encyclical: http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/pius_x... And here is the Address of Pope John Paul II to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on October 22, 1996 speaking of the Theory of Evolution: http://www.newadvent.org/library/docs_jp... Here is an interesting article about Pope John Paul II's opinion in the matter: http://www.americamagazine.org/content/a... The Church supports science in the discovery of God's creation. At this time, the theories of the big bang and evolution are the most logical scientific explanations. However tomorrow someone may come up with better ideas. As long as we believe that God started the whole thing, both the Bible and responsible modern science can live in harmony. The Clergy Letter Project an open letter endorsing the Theory of Evolution signed by over 10,000 clergy from many different Christian denominations: http://www.butler.edu/clergyproject/rel_evol_sun.htm By the way, Georges Lemaître (1894–1966), the Belgian professor of physics and astronomy who proposed what became known as the Big Bang theory of the origin of the Universe, was a Catholic priest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Lema%C3%AEtre With love in Christ.
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Louanna Originally Answered: Do you believe in creation by God or the theory of the big bang and/or evolution of man?
THE EVOLUTION “I know that the word of “Evolution” has become an obsolete and worthless word in some circles of the people___ and they do frown even on it’s simple reference. You will however surprise to know that I, not only, respect these friends and their feelings, rather, I agree to their viewpoint, to some extent, in the light of the current knowledge. Because they apprehend “Evolution” in terms of material or mechanical evolution whereas material or mechanical evolution is far different from that of the creative evolution. An important source of Evolution is the Nature’s process of selection. Which is originally one of the laws of nature and a secondary cause, like the other laws of nature, as it’s Creator is again God. All the species generated by this process are again the indirect creation of God as the Nature’s process of selection, itself, is not capable to create any specie. It simply admits some species to be nourished, leaving aside the others, to be withered and this process works under some hereditary variations. So___ the survival or removal of a specific specie, is never accidental as it is presumed by the believers of material or mechanical evolution”. This very statement of Edward Luther Castle positively removes that superstition. Which has captured, not only, the materialists but the religious leaders as well. Who are still in it’s captivity even after the lapse of so many years. Dr. George Erl Devis, the physicist, writes: “As much as the knowledge is flourishing and the superstitions are being unveiled___ importance & inevitability of the critical study of religion & ethics___ is increasing day by day in the same scale.” The physicist is hinting upon the urge of the “quest for truth and the specific process” which may bring forth, a suitable solution for the problems of life. Of course, we can not lead the life in a particular way unless we come to know the origin of life. What is the actual and factual truth? Only after positive cognition of the same, we can learn to lead the real life. And__ the same learning may, in turn, lead us to the aim of life. George Erl Devis writes further: “The surprising scientific discoveries have produced certain indispensable questions. Though not so new, but their nature has become more changed, on account of___ the receipt of detailed information about cosmic system. And___ in any case____ man can not be held as excluded thereform. Among these questions, is the most important question___ upon whose answer is depending___ our aim of life and the system of our moral values. And___ that is the same old question that: Is there any Supreme and Sublime Source who is the Creator of whole cosmos and who could be surnamed as God? And___ thereby arises the other question, that if God has created us then who has created God? This question is usually raised by the children, in a highly logical air. We can not deny the fact, that science has no convincing reply of the question that God is existing or not? Rather, science can never bring forth a scientific proof thereof. We are breathing in such a physical universe which is running smoothly in terms of the pre-ordained laws of it’s complexed system. But, it does not mean that we can ever derive some information, through this very universe, about a thing, which is existing outside to this universe. Our universe is just like a room without any doors and windows. And even if it is having the same, then, such glasses are fixed therein that to see & understand the outside thereform is totally impossible. Whereas to see inside from the outside__ is almost possible.” As we can not prove the existence or non-existence of God on the basis of science. So it is the all-alone way for us, that whatsoever stock of information we have, about this universe. We should derive a reasonable result therefrom. Such a reasonable result___ which could never be objected on logical grounds. And such a result, duly derived from the stock of scientific information, is this: “No material thing is capable to create it by itself” and___ that is such a reasonable result, which is free from all sorts of logical objections. And___ through this very result we come to know about the Creator Who is Creator of all the material and immaterial things, and who is the Omnipotent. If we presume that the universe is created accidentally or automatically. Then we will have to presume too, that the universe, itself has the power of creation. Such a presumption is, however, not maintainable on account of the scientific informations, collected so far, about the universe. So___ accidental or automatic creation of universe___ is the result___ which is totally irrational. And where, God is being believed as the Alone Creator of universe, scientific informations are now becoming a foundation there. And science___ which is the fountain-head of the pure observational, analytical and experimental knowledge___ has reached at such a stage. That the next step whereof is not else___ but to believe in God and God’s Almighty Omnipotence. And___ that is on account of this very consensus of the universal scientific informations that: “No material thing is capable to create it by itself”. It is a Verse-like ray of Holy light and a great information. Proper apprehension whereof leads us, directly, to the realm of Faith. “Universe was created accidentally or automatically” is a notion, which is not confirmed by the scientific information. So, to think like that is an irrational & illogical gesture. Which leads nowhere but to the ignorance. Which God we should believe? It is an important question and it is more important for the person who is desirous to know his God. Can we consider this accidentally or automatically created universe as God? Does it create and remove everything by itself? But the scientific consensus that: “No material thing is capable to create it by itself” clarifies that universe was not created accidentally or automatically. Nor it is capable to create anything by itself. Nor it is given any knowledge of creation. And___ if the universe does not own any knowledge of creation___ then the knowledge of creation is definitely related to Mr. Albert Einstein’s that very Infinite & Supreme Power or Cause. Whose creative manifestations are being seen everywhere in this inapprehensible universe. The act of knowledge, which is the process of creation in this universe___ is a magnificent sign ___ which is leading us, directly, to the Creator. Power of knowledge and act of knowledge in terms of the process of creation___ bespeak of such a Creator who is Unique___ Who is free from the creaturely traits__ Who is far above the Nature and our state of knowledge___ Who is Supreme, Supernatural and Omnipotent. About whom we can speak in the following rational terms. “The Creator of things is not a thing or like the created things. And as the intellect itself is a thing, so it is not considerable more than a thing of superior kind. Therefore its capability of making some image or imagination of the Creator will result to such a step, which may diminish the supreme sublimity of the Creator”. In this way a man of intellect may believe in God on logical basis. Whereafter he will always consider his God as the Sole Creator and the Sole Guardian of universe. He will never consider his God as a part of universe or a thing in universe or the universe. It means that God is Super-natural and Super-physical. Who is not perceivable through our senses at all. The commonplace concept that God is a kind of matter as well as God is the Creator of matter or___ God is the universe as well as God is Super-natural & Super-physical___ is a self-contradictory and an irrational concept. We must refrain from such concepts and resort to reality that existence of creatures is separate from the Creator and the creatures are not like the Creator at all. Because creatures live and die and they are under God’s control. It is recorded in the Scripture in the words of the Creator: “I__ and I alone___ am God No other god is real” (Duet 32:39) Worship no god but Me! Do not make for yourselves images of anything In heaven or on earth or in the water under the earth Do not bow down to any idol or worship it For I am the Lord your God and I tolerate no rivals. (Duet 5:7 to 9) Hence, we must believe our God as the Supernatural and Super-physical. God is not perceivable by our senses. Nor___ God is point-able like point-able things. Nor___ the names of God’s created things should be used for God. Nor ___ we should consider God in terms of things and worship God as a thing. Of course___ we should believe God, the same way, as God has commanded us to believe. And___ God’s Commandments 9Duet 32:39 and Duet 5:7 to 9) are very much reasonable and quiet corresponding to our intellect. THE CREATOR OF CREATIVITY AND THE PROCESS OF CREATION. The One, who created the attributes of creativity and the process of creation before Beginning is rightfully, deserves to be called as God of all creatures. The One, who ordained the steps and stages of the Process of Creation, including the organic order & composition of the creatures and___ made the energy as an energy and formed the matter with energy and___ demonstrated the Will in such a way that the Will has become a universe of rules and regulations___ doubtlessly___ has every right to be called and accepted as the Real and the Absolute Living GOD. To know that who is the creator of God___ a simple way it this___ that we should try to know at first, that who is the creator of creativity? Whosoever has created and ordained creativity, is the Real Creator. And now, when God, has already told that there is no creator except God and God alone, is the Creator of everything and Ordainer of every order. Then, we have no alternative but to accept and believe God as the Absolute Creator in terms of the preachings of Prophets. Who is the creator of God? Perfect answer to this question, is given in the following compound sentence, in the form of another question___ a magnificent question: If God is the Creator of creativity and the process of creation, the both, then how can be there any possibility of God’s creator? And____ the same sentence is the most convincing, and the most rational argument, of the God-hood of God. The sentence penetrates in our minds and hearts, and we become positively convinced, that God is really existing as the One Alone God, and the One Alone Creator. The real belief in the One Alone Lord is like that:- •God must be believed as the One Alone Lord. By and by, firm refusal of the people-made unreal gods, is essential. •No person or thing should be treated as a “likeness” or a “similitude” of God, the One Alone Lord. •We should submit ourselves unconditionally to every Commandment of God, and the life should be managed, exactly, in accordance with God’s Will and God’s Commandments to avail God’s blessings. •The Day of Judgement should be believed, which is ordained by God for the judgement of human deeds and which is, certainly, not too far to approach. •To ensure the acceptance of God, we must adopt those ways, which have been prescribed by God and God’s Prophets. And___ this temporary life should be lead as a temporary life. COSMIC FILM Cosmic film was released with the beginning of universe. God Almighty produced it and kept on showing the trailers of God’s might in all ages. Its script was always revealed in the form of holy words and the message of GOD was given to masses. Holy words of the revealed books tell everything about this film right from the beginning to end and also let us know about another beginning and another endless times. The Stories in the holy words allegorically show good and bad characters in accordance with their deeds telling us about the fate of good and bad. All dialogues of the day of judgment which is fatal and will happen to us is revealed in detail and we even before its happening can know it and can hear all the dialogues of the characters of the day. The Holy words tell us that good will rejoice in heavens and bad will face the hardest time in hell. The Ponderable fact is that GOD knows everything of all ages because GOD is time free and is above all and as a creator of time GOD knows all which the audience have not yet seen. All about past and all about present and all about future. Messengers of GOD tried their best to let the people know the details of all kind of happenings of this cosmic film and taught their followers how to place themselves on the place of good characters and provided them all necessary details. What people need to do is to put their characters positively in the proper place according to the knowledge given to them, to become heroes of this film. It is been told that every one stands an equal chance. Good people will be placed in the good places due to the performance of their roles according to the demands of the commandments, and bad people are bad because of the selection of their evil ways. Everything and every end is already ordained in this movie as the will of the Producer and according to the will of the Producer every one is free to be on one’s chosen way. As well as the Producer is concerned! Producer has shown the right ways for the future and has given enough threats to the wrongdoers so that they may pay heed to avoid evil ways and bad deeds. On the way of faith, on this earth under heaven everyone is on one’s own. REAL, REALITY OR FACT Knowledge is a gain of intellect Five Senses are windows which open in unlimited apparent and hidden universe and through which the universe enters in creatures and prepares a state of mind which can easily be molded in to language.This mind made state is a sort of transferable map prepared in the light of our experience and status of understanding.And whatsoever we communicate is a news and every news becomes knowledge.To explain knowledge, it is enough a statement when we say that our knowledge is a treasure of information based upon the experience and intellect.Therefore,whatsoever our senses can capture is our real,reality or fact. It clearly means that the senses are the source to know, realize and capture the apparent and hidden things. Normally, in the light of these information, the question arises that how can we believe GOD who is beyond senses? In the light of above information, the answer is very simple that GOD is the creator of senses and all the things which senses can capture and as nothing is like GOD, GOD can not be captured through senses but can only be realized as a creator of all realities, Therefore, realities belong to GOD the most real in reality. When we say “The Real GOD” it clearly means real of realities, creator of creations and all things and senses of the creatures. GOD is holy above all ideas and cannot be molded in to an explanation of language, appearance of an image or in to the range of fabrication of thoughts (ideas or imagination) Real God means a real above the reality, beyond imagination, as being the creator of senses. Every mortal is actually a brain and mind while the rest of the body is just like a ring in the tail and senses are the sources which link the mortal only with the universe and shows not even a glimpse of its creator who is unseen and can only be realized through realization which is an act of heart and mind. Heart is a brain of unseen universe and the brain is a heart of seen universe. Since Holy GOD is unseen, GOD can be realized only with the heart and virtually GOD is heart-seen, Holier than all explanations and accepted by the believers as a real GOD. Since all the concepts exist in the head, therefore, prostration before unseen real GOD is an act of acceptance of the state of belief. So, whosoever believes real GOD, prostrates to express the humbleness. Holy GOD means that GOD is beyond of everything and real GOD means that through faith only, GOD can be realized as a real GOD and False god means unreal god and whosoever is unreal, is nothing. No one in creation is GOD and no one can be GOD or like GOD or equal to GOD or creator of the creations. One alone GOD means the GOD who created the process of creation and birth and through creation and birth, created all things and blessed the mortals with senses, conscious and intellect to realize the holiness of GOD only, Keeping in view that senses are types of hardware of brain which result software of realization which is an output of mind confirmed as a fact by heart. On an ordinary level GOD is realized only by the attributes of GOD and GOD is believed by the acts which GOD performs.

Kathy Kathy
Well, first of all they are just that...theories, not facts. But that is the least of the reasons. There are holes all through the evoulution theory. It was Charles Darwin who, nearly on his death bed, said "If cells are more complex then we at first supposed, then everything, EVERYTHING I have stated in my theories are wrong!" They did not even know about the nucleus of a cell yet, let alone the golgi apparatus, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, etc. Also, it is stated that we supposedly slowly evolved right? Where are the transitional species? Surely there would have been proof by now of finding just one-that would be all you would need- ONE fossil of a animal part way between one thing and another. But that doesn't make sense because an eye, for example, color/no color, you pick, that is only 99% complete still does not work. And why would cells continue on a path of seeming destruction because some things won't work at all until completely done? And if you wanna talk Genesis, you have to remember that Genesis 1 states (10 times I think) "each according to their kinds" or "-own kinds" depending on the Bible translation you are using. The point? I think God was trying to drive a specific idea or well, truth, home and that is that nothing can just 'start becoming something else.' Big bang theory is, close but they forgot God in the equation!! Hello, where did the "thing that went bang" come from in the first place? But I think it is pretty close to what God did, in a matter of speaking, in creating this huge universe.
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Hester Hester
For J Boss: "The fact that Lemaitre was a Roman Catholic priest concerned some, as he was putting forth a theory which presented a definite moment of 'creation' to the universe. In the 20's & 30's, most physicists - like Einstein - were inclined to believe that the universe had indeed always existed. In essence, the Big Bang theory was seen as 'too religious' by many people." http://physics.about.com/od/astronomy/f/BigBang.htm Fred Hoyle and other scientists developed the Steady State Theory in response, as an alternative to the Big Bang Theory.
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Eartha Eartha
The big bang theory is perfectly acceptable to the Christian. All the Bible says is that God spoke, and BANG! it happened (paraphrased - heh heh heh). Of COURSE everything had to come from one central point when God brought it into existence. The only question remaining is this, "Was the outward expansion as slow as some scientists suggest, taking billions of years? Or was it fairly fast, like popping a balloon?" Does it really matter? Probably not, because the Bible actually begins in the 2nd half of Vs 1, "and the earth" - that is to say, "In the beginning - the VERY beginning, God created the heavens - AND the earth." We don't know how much time transpired between creating the heavens, and creating the earth. What we DO know is that it was by the power of God, not by any natural scientific events. In fact, to make a point of that, He created light before He created the sun or any stars, showing that HE is the source, and showing that He is not dependent on the MEST universe (MEST = Matter, Energy, Space and Time), but that the MEST universe is dependent on Him. Light is no big deal to God - He just spoke, "and there was light!" thus proving that God is the source, not MEST, nor physics, etc. As far as evolution, IF we are going to take the Bible at all, then the "day" (Hebrew = "yom") in Genesis 1 consists of "an evening and a morning" - a period of darkness followed by a period of light. If each day represents 100,000 years, giving us 600,000 years in which evolution can occur, that gives us 500,000 years of darkness, following by 500,000 years of daylight! (Can we say, "OUCH!" ? ) There is NO way that evolution or ANY life, for that matter, to exist under those conditions. Furthermore, rather than speeding up in its revolution on it's axis (from a 100,000-year day, to a 24-hour day), the earth would have slowed down to a complete stop! (I mean, what kind of power would it take to speed the earth up that much without tearing the earth apart?) So, big bang, sure - why not, as long as you keep God at the "helm", controlling things, starting things out from nothing, and pulling everything together. But evolution? Never! Illogical!
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Celosia Celosia
Anyone familiar with the history of science would be aware that many scientists rejected the Big Bang Theory initially. And for some it was done out of the desire to avoid the inference that if something begins to exists it must have a cause. Einstein initially introduced a cosmological fudge factor when applying his theory to the Universe in order to prove a static universe and avoid a beginning.. This was later to be proven one of his biggest mistakes
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Celosia Originally Answered: Big Bang theory, Theory of evolution and god?
Charles Darwin failed miserably in his quest to validate his argument on Evolution. God created the Heaven and Earth as the Holy Bible declares (Genesis 1:1). Don't put faith in theories. Have faith in God. Charles Darwin did not use good logic in his famous book, "The Origin of Species." W.R. Thompson, a Canadian entomologist(entomology-study of insects) of international repute, wrote in his introduction to the centennial edition of Darwin's Origen, "Darwin did not show in the Origin that species had originated by natural selection; he merely showed, on the basis of certain facts and assumptions, how this might have happened, and as he had convinced himself he was able to convince others. Chapter 4 of the Origin, entitled "Natural Selection; or the Survival of the Fittest," occupies 44 pages in the 1958 mentor edition. In this chapter Darwin used the language of speculation, imagination, and assumption at least 187 times. For example, pages 118 and 119 contain the following phrases; "may have been," "is supposed to," perhaps," "If we suppose," "may still be," 'it is probable," "will generally tend," "may" "will generally tend," 'If," 'if...assumed," "supposed," "supposed," "probably," "It seems, therefore, extremely probable," and "We may suppose." Is this really the language of science? No, it is not. Of Darwin's speculative arguments Thompson wrote, "....Personal convictions, simple possibilities, are presented as if they were proofs, or at least valid arguments in favor of the theory....The demonstration can be modified without difficulty to fit any conceivable case. It is without scientific value, since it cannot be verified; but since the imagination has free rein, it is easy to convey the impression that a concrete example of real transmutation (change of one species to another) has been given." Source: Thompson, W.R., Introduction to The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, E.P. Dutton and Co., New York. Have faith dear friends in God, not theories. Genesis 1:1 Isaiah 45:18 Colossians 1:16 Hebrews 11:1-6 Genesis 2:1-3 Exodus 20:8-11 Psalm 14:1

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