URGENT I need the story behind the ten commandments and anything else that i should know,asignment due tomoz?

URGENT I need the story behind the ten commandments and anything else that i should know,asignment due tomoz? Topic: Bibliography assignment
November 20, 2019 / By Wright
Question: I have an assignment due tomorrow on the ten commandments. I need to include anything that i can find out about them, eg. Why they were put in place, By Who, and When they were put there. And general information,,, If you use any other websites, could you please list them under your sources, as I also need to include a bibliography... TO MAKE THIS CLEAR... Anybody that thinks I'm cheating, I'm not, i am meerly asking for information that could be of use, I can do it in the street, IT IS NOT CHEATING!
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Best Answers: URGENT I need the story behind the ten commandments and anything else that i should know,asignment due tomoz?

Shaun Shaun | 4 days ago
1) God gave them to Moses to give to His people 2) God wanted people to have a standard for living based upon Divine Law 3) They were given while the nation of Israel was wandering in the wilderness after leaving Egypt. The best source for you to know about God's plans and His working would be the Bible. For accurate details about this actual event, go to the book of Exodus.
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