Is this a good idea for my fan mail? Please answer?

Is this a good idea for my fan mail? Please answer? Topic: How to write a good love letter for her
November 20, 2019 / By Mignon
Question: I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I find that her music really relates to me. I have decided to write her a letter, so fan amil, in hopes of her reading it. I know that the chances of her actually reading it are slim to none, but if there is any little chance that she will, I want to try it. I know that I should make my letter stand out so that it will catch someones eye. How can I do this? I know she likes bright colors and glitter, so should I do something with that? Do you have any ideas of what I could do? Also, she puts secret messages in her lyrics by capitalizing certain letters, should I do that in my letter? Like, capitalize certain letters to make it spell something out? If so, what should it spell out? And, anything else you would like to add that would be helpful. And, please don't say anything about Taylor Swift not being a good singer or anything like that, because I believe that she is! Thank you so much!
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Best Answers: Is this a good idea for my fan mail? Please answer?

Lexine Lexine | 4 days ago
Draw a clarinet with like a glow in the dark highlighter add sparkly glitter, make it look beautiful and mysterious! Just like Taylor Swift. Also write like a little poem on the front.(: Oh. I suggested the clarinet because she plays it.(: maybe make a poem called LOVE♥ i know that means most to her.(: mabe even write 13 on the four corners of the envelope you put the letter in. 13 because it's always been her favorite number.=) maybe get some stickers and have one of cheesecake and make sure its smelly. intrigue her so she is persuaded to open it from that special girl.(: Good Luck. I love Taylor Swift, she's an ahmazingg singer♫♥♪
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Julia Julia
I am a huge fan of Taylor's as well; her music is amazing. I would maybe search for a glittery stationary set or something like that, write in bright colours. I wouldn't do the secret message idea if I were you, just because even if she does read it, she won't have forever, and you would want her to read what you wrote. Hopefully she reads it, goodluck!
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Gladys Gladys
You could also use glow in the dark paint that spells out something. Add some pictures of things she likes. If I was a famous singer, I wold most likely read one that had ancient chinese pictures on it, because I like ancient chinese. So figure out her hobbies besides singing and add some stuff to it. I like the code thing, that's pretty cool.
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Dervila Dervila
Deffinetly make your letter interesting, but also make her want to read it, so give her a big box wrapped and a present because she probably wants presents
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Cameo Cameo
This is the best fan mail any person could ever recieve. Stay tuned till the very end. Copyright protected. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQDiy2tUxEM
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