Is this too short?

Is this too short? Topic: Essay writing 200 words for said
November 20, 2019 / By Methuselah
Question: I'm writing an essay for a contest. The rules say it has to be 250 words OR LESS. Is 150 words to short or should I try to "beef" it up? Thanks in advance.
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Joshua Joshua | 8 days ago
Length wise, I'd say it'd be better to have between 200 and 250, as much as you can. If it came down to two essays, equal in skill, but one was longer, I'd assume they'd choose the longer as it might seem like they put more effort into it. So ideally, you'd want good AND long. But sometimes saying in a few words what others take a million to say is more skilled. So I guess the final thing is if your essay is really good, then see if maybe making it longer makes it less good. But if you can make it longer and keep your voice, etc, then that'd probably be best. Good luck, hope you win! :D
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Happy Happy
It means 1 to 250 words but not 251. Should you beef it up, not if your 150 words are well thought out and cogent.
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Egbert Egbert
You did mention less. 150 words would be acceptable. Write about something you know, the word will come to you much easier, plus it will come across that you know what your writing about.
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