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November 21, 2019 / By Huey
Question: Alright. First one to find out WHERE the lowercase letter is in the question, and WHAT letter it is gets the instant ten points. I'm bored, and this is fun. Good luck! Hint: It's IMPOSSIBLE to try it just by looking above. You have to GO AROUND to some place where you can see the WHOLE question, or when you (hint) HOVER over it, it shows up. ACTUALLY, it IS possible to find it looking above..but not where you think! ;) ----------------------------------------... Times up! The answer was: 56th L, going left to right. P!nk Punk got it correct! Congratulations.
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Best Answers: LOLL.

Ephah Ephah | 8 days ago
Oh This Is Good!! Its The Little l But Im Not Counting How Many Lol I Liked This Question It Got Me Thinking =] Well Done!!
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Cole Cole
hi, i got lowercase L = l and i think its the 58th letter dunno really but quite creative !!
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Archibald Archibald
haha!! theres no way im going counting.. but its a l and is a little less than 2/3rds of the way down!
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