I need help and advice on my earth deck?

I need help and advice on my earth deck? Topic: Gaia research
November 21, 2019 / By Marlin
Question: Monsters • Amazoness sword woman x3 • D.D. assailant x3 • D.D. warrior x2 • Bazoo the sole-eater x2 • Obnoxious celtic guard • Man-eater bug • Giant rat • Tsukuyomi • Breaker the magical warrior • The Trojan horse • Barrier statue of the drought • Sangan • Berserk gorilla • Insect knight • Dark dust spirit • Raging earth • Evil hero malicious edge • Ultimate tyranno • Des volstgalph Magic • Mist body x2 • Axe of despair • Monster reborn • United we stand • Ring of magnetism • Heavy storm • Fissure • Dark hole • MST • Gaia power Trap • Solemn judgment • Sakuretsu armor • Magic cylinder • Torrential tribute • A hero emerges • Mirror force • Draining shild • Bottomless trap hole • Dark bribe any advice at all would really help thanks if you have some advice plz give me a reason why i should do that the sword women and mist body is a deadly combo u attack them they take the battle damage
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Best Answers: I need help and advice on my earth deck?

Jerrard Jerrard | 4 days ago
3 giant rat 0 swords woman 0 tsukuyomi 0 dark dust knight 1 or 0 bazoo the soul-eater 3 Goblindbergh 3 Marauding Captain 2 call of the haunted 1 pot of avrice 2 solemn warning some rank 4 xyz http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Rank_4_Monster_Cards this is just the start, if you want more help with the deck let me do more research first, or message me
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Jerrard Originally Answered: Best to build a deck or buy a structure deck?
You've missed quite a bit since the god cards came out..in this case I recommend you buy structure decks, with some individual cards bought on the side. You don't need to buy 3 of the same one however; that's what most people recommend, however they don't understand that's more expensive than buying the cards from the deck individually. You only need 1 or 2 decks, and then buy the rest of the *key* cards separately. Structure decks are easy to wrap your mind around. It's not too tough to understand how they're played, or what the rulings in each case are. Best of all, they're fun...and powerful. For fun & competitive structure decks, try out: -Dragons Collide (most powerful) -Samurai Warlords (good combo's) -Lost Sanctuary (most fun) -Realm of the Sea Emperor -Onslaught of the Fire Kings Do NOT use the new "Blue Eyes" structure deck. It is a complete failure, and not competitive. As per buying an entire deck individually, you'd better know what you're doing otherwise you're doomed to fail. A deck like this is only created with a specific strategy in mind, which of course you're new to many thousands of cards now, so it's hard to even know what you're looking for. Enjoy'
Jerrard Originally Answered: Best to build a deck or buy a structure deck?
Okay so I reckon you have two solid choices here: 1) going with the structures or 2) building a deck from singles What you have to bear in mind with structures is that you will always have to buy 3. Why? Because there are multiple rare cards in structures, but those will only come in sets of 1. Bearing that in mind, the structure deck idea isn't bad at all! In option 2, that's what most pro people/semi-pros use. Most good decks are unobtainable from structures, in my opinion the top archetypes you can currently get are agents, dark world and blue eyes, where only agents has actually seen high level competitive game. Of course, the top deck in this current meta is the druler archetype, but a deck of that typically costs around 500-700! There's actually a third option that I haven't mentioned yet, That is buying ready to play decks off a site like eBay. These decks are reasonably competitive, although you have to make sure you don't get scammed! If you want to go the way of the third option, I've got a few decks that I've gone out of that you may be interested in, all reasonably competitive. But hey, the joy of yugioh is finding cards and decks that suit you, so don't take all the advice into heart, it's the best feeling to stumble upon a perfect deck for you, until then, try practising different decks on places like ygopro or duellingnetwork Btw, feel free to contact me if you have more questions! I'm not the one and done type of answers guy :)
Jerrard Originally Answered: Best to build a deck or buy a structure deck?
I'd just say go choose a deck you like. For example, don't go buy zombie structure decks just because they seem to be strong, if you really like a deck, go buy it. But if you really like the playing style of a structure deck, try buying it and using it against someone. If it works nicely, or almost perfectly, then add a few more cards and it'll be great. If you want to make a deck from scratch, that's much harder IMO, since if you don't have a direction to go in, the deck might suck. If you do want to make a deck from scratch, I'd recommend buying the BP2, since those are actually pretty good cards, plus you might get a tourney legal god too. Structure decks I'd recommend: Zombie Six Samurai Fire Emperor Atlantean Blue Eyes Advice for a scratch deck, check the current banlist in case any of your cards might be banned.

Gilead Gilead
Your deck is really nice. I advice you add a dust knight (it has an ability to send an earth monster from your deck to the graveyard and then you can revive them with monster reborn) and giant soldier of stone. Garnecia elefantis is a good card for an earth deck and amazoness queen. If you aren't sure what else to add to your deck, make the same deck on dueling network and there you'll see how good your deck really is. You will also see if any of those cards you mentioned are limited or banned. Good luck, hope my advice will help!
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Gilead Originally Answered: Magic the gathering Blue/green deck or Blue/black deck?
It is possible to make very good decks in both blue/green and blue/black. There have been excellent tournament decks in each of these color combinations. It doesn't matter particularly whether the colors in your deck are allied or enemy colors. Here are some things to keep in mind about the two color combinations: Blue/green --- * Green generally gets larger creatures than any other color. Even the green creatures that cost 1 or 2 are usually better than they are in other colors. Green also gets mana production. It also gets spells that make creatures bigger, more so than any other color. Green basically sucks at everything else besides these things. * Blue gets counterspells (spells that cancel something as it is being cast). Blue also gets bounce spells (spells which return something from play to its owner's hand). Blue also gets draw spells, flying creatures, and other "tricky" things. Blue creatures tend to be smaller in size than other colors' (although blue does get large fliers), and blue isn't good at dealing with things once they've already been played (aside from bouncing them). * Blue and green creatures complement each other well, because green has powerful ground creatures for the early game and blue has powerful flying creatures for the late game. (Most early-game blue creatures are terrible compared to other colors' early creatures.) * Many successful blue/green decks follow the "aggro/control" strategy: Play some creatures early, and then disrupt your opponent and protect your creatures so that they can attack for the win. I've found it hard to make a good blue/green deck in any other style. * Blue and green are the two worst colors at killing creatures. Once a creature's on the table, you will likely only be able to get rid of it by killing it in combat or by returning it to its owner's hand (such as with Unsummon). The card Snakeform from Eventide is one of the best removal spells ever printed in green or blue, but it still only works during combat. If your opponent plays something like a Royal Assassin (Tap to destroy target tapped creature), then a blue/green deck isn't going to be able to get rid of it. Blue/black --- * Black has pretty good early-game creatures (though not as good as green's). Both blue and black tend to get some good creatures for the late game (large flying creatures, for example). * Black is very good at killing non-black creatures. Black also gets some ways to kill other black creatures. This is one of the main reasons many people play black (especially in casual games). * Many successful blue/black decks follow the "control" strategy: Play lots of spells to disrupt the opponent (like spells that kill creatures and blue spells that counter other spells), and then win by playing a huge, scary, probably-flying creature later in the game. It's also possible to make good blue/black decks of other styles. * Blue and black are the two worst colors at removing artifacts and enchantments. In either case, the best you are going to be able to do is return an artifact or enchantment to its owner's hand. (However, being bad at removing artifacts and enchantments is usually less devastating than being bad at removing creatures.) So should you play blue/black or blue/green? I dunno. The fact that blue/green decks can't get rid of creatures tends to annoy me, so I generally prefer blue/black. However, there are merits to each choice. Hopefully some of the things I've said can help you to come to a decision.
Gilead Originally Answered: Magic the gathering Blue/green deck or Blue/black deck?
I am not sure which format you are going to be playing. I think a lot of people in Standard are often going up to 3 colors (one main and its 2 allies) because Shards of Alara is based around the 5 shards. White, Blue, and Black (Esper) seems pretty powerful. Really, the only thing that matters with allied colors is that some cards might have abilities requiring the allied color mana. Or you might find more gold cards of the allied colors. Other than that, it doesn't matter. Someone mentioned blue/red. That gives you a blend of control, creatures, and burn for creature removal. Red also has artifact removal that blue lacks. The reason for running multiple colors is just to give your deck more solutions to use. You have to decide what kind of deck you want to play. Blue has control (counterspells) and black utilizes disruption (discard spells) and creature kill. I love wrecking my opponent's hand, so I play black pretty often. What green offers is creatures, fast mana sources through elves, and artifact/enchantment removal (Krosan Grip or others). Green gives you removal black doesn't have access to typically, but without direct creature removal, you'll be using your own big green creatures to plow on through. Just look at what cards you have access to, think about possible decks for both U/B and U/G, and then decide what looks more consistent, what's more powerful, and what will you be more comfortable with playing well.

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