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November 20, 2019 / By Seamour
Question: As I was filling out the FAFSA application online, my dad told me that my brother (who is a senior in high school) got a paper that stated to not fill out the form until after January 1, 2009, but nowhere on FAFSA states anything about that. What is right?
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Ned Ned | 3 days ago
Look on the website and see what the deadline is for the next academic year. They will ask you info regarding LAST years income and last years tax return. January 1st has nothing to do with anything. Most people don't even get their W2 until February and claim taxes in March or April. So what the heck would that have to do with anything. Just apply now. The worst that can happen is that you have to do it again. They will send you notice in the mail if there is a problem. Atleast you will know that they received your application. Good luck!
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Ned Originally Answered: Financial problems?
Sit down with a blank piece of paper. Write how much you make, and approximately how much your bills are. Factor in a modest entertainment budget so you don't feel like you're depriving yourself of anything fun. Don't eat out. Don't get credit cards, if you have them cancel them, cut them up. You keep buying things on credit because you don't have the money to pay for them now and you'll never have any money. Be strict with yourself. Open a savings account and treat it like another bill of maybe $100 or $200 per month. Each month put that money in savings just like you're paying a bill, and then DON'T TOUCH IT. That account is your emergency bill. Now that doesn't mean "The new Pirates movie is coming out and I want to take my friends to see it" kind of emergency. That emergency fund is for "my car just blew up and needs $1000 worth of work." kind of emergencies. Also keep receipts for everything you buy. Even the little trips to the convenience store. Then you'll know where all the rest of your money goes, and you can adjust your spending.
Ned Originally Answered: Financial problems?
I have a notebook with all my bills written down, the date due and the date paid. I know how much i make a week, deduct the things I need to pay and the money left over, I take half, apply it to my savings account. Then, the leftover goes to food, gas, items I don't need.. I hope you get a little help with your finances. It feels great when you start out with hardly anything in your savings and then, after a few months, you have this large amount and it just makes you feel good!
Ned Originally Answered: Financial problems?
First, track the money- get a small pocket notebook, and keep a diary of your daily expenses - cash, checks & credit Second, based on your spending pattern, create a budget that matches your income. This may require decreasing certain expenses or getting more income.

Kevyn Kevyn
If you're applying for financial aid for 2009-2010, you should not fill out the form until January 1, 2009. You will need your tax information for 2008 in order to fill out the FAFSA, which you will not receive until the year is over. If you're applying for 2008-2009 (for example, the coming spring semester), you need your 2007 tax information, so you can fill out the form now. If you are applying for 2009-2010 you can always start filling out the form now and take care of the information that you already know (name, address, etc.) to make your life easier.
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Kevyn Originally Answered: What can i do if i have to quit university due to financial problems?
1) " what i have to do to leave school, do i have to call the university and let them know? a) Yes, call or contact the university, because today no one should think himself wise to operate alone if you can afford yourself help from others. The college you are in should be informed so that they can fortify you and put their thinking caps on to assist you in ways you could not alone conceive of. See? Do not be a hero! Your second portion asks ... "or just leave it like that?" b) No, you do not "leave it like that." You opened a cycle and with this comes the responsibility to close that cycle in a way that resolves to neutrality, which implies no harm comes to anything or anyone. Because even if a derailment of some sort should occur, your intent will at least have shown that you did all you can for yourself and all others. Do you see? 2) "i want to register to another university in my home town. is this going to affect me attending to a new university? No, there is nothing indicated that would put you in harm's way while pursuing attendance elsewhere -- provided that you at least do in principle what I suggested above. Here is an apt principle to your predicament here: -- on crossing a bridge, do not blow it up, because you want to leave it standing so you can get back across it again if found needed to cross later. Furthermore, leave 'yourself standing', too -- and not on your backside. But one thing is equally if not even more important here: you are in good ("great") academic standing -- this is most important as regards transferring. And this is certainly sharp. If this were not the case, however, then your dilemma would be more problematic indeed, much more than a worry over a lack of finances to stay in school. Most students today of working class families have financial drawbacks as regards financing their educations. You are not alone ... this is for sure. 3) "what about my loans? any ideas what can i do in this situation" The first response covers this in good measure. However, you have somewhat a catch if you should withdraw from school entirely: your loans would soon come due to begin paying off, as opposed to staying in school in which loans are suspended till the 4 years are completed. But I would say this and is what is most important of all: do nothing that will stress your mental and physical health into a grave harm's way. In that case, money and good grades are of no consequence. Therefore, if you have to leave school, leave it in good academic standing. And if you will have discussed your predicaments with your school's administrators ahead of time, you will have already insured yourself by your initiative and will be more readily endorsed by the college when your financial and academic transcripts are evaluated by the present school, and the new school you fancy attending. Actually, presently, you are doing quite well. 'Not to worry, even though you would dread having to leave school. So stay the course in 'doing quite well' ... See? Don't go and do something rash! You are okay right now -- just a little worried. But you have done nothing incorrect thus far. For you, the field of options are still wide open. Afterword: you are an electrical engineer candidate: engineers make things work. So, 'engineer' your ideal!
Kevyn Originally Answered: What can i do if i have to quit university due to financial problems?
i think you should exhaust all possible options first before doing something drastic like calling it quits with your school.. first of all, i would advise speaking to some financial counselors at your school that can help you with your situation and point you in the right direction.. you should do what you can to talk to the higher-ups at your school.. even the dean / dean of engineering.. they might be able to help set you up with a job or work out some agreement whereby they can help with your tuition you sound like a smart and driven person.. and you're doing well in school.. i would think that the university would want to do what is possible to help you in this situation.. but don't give up..

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