What to bring into a Disney Park?

What to bring into a Disney Park? Topic: Medicine case small
November 20, 2019 / By Audley
Question: I've been asking lots of questions on yahoo today as some may have noticed. My first WDW trip is this Friday! So i'm making my last minute preparations. Anyway, I'm planning to bring a Fanny Pack into the Disney Parks with a small Wallet, two Cameras (mine and my boyfriend's), and maybe a water bottle if it can fit. I hear also that the Mugs that come with your packages are not refillable in the parks? Anywho, is there anything else I should bring with me or anything that I should not bring? Like is the water bottle a necessity? And before anyone mentions it, i do know for Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom to bring a change of clothes for the water rides.
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Vicki Vicki | 3 days ago
its true about your resort refillable mug. it can only be refilled at the hotel not at the parks and it can only be refilled at YOUR hotel. water is not a necessity since there are water fountains throughout the parks bit its always nice to have one on hand to have any time and then just refill them at the water fountains. if you can't fit everything you want to bring in a fanny pack than bring a small backpack. its still hands free and a bit more fashionable lol. actually i would NOT bring an extra pair of clothes for magic kingdom (splash mountain) and animal kingdom (kali river rapids). yes you get wet on these rides but typically not wet enough to require a change of clothes. even if on the off chance you get SOAKED in the florida heat you will dry quickly. things i would bring are: -wallet -cameras -extra batteries for your cameras -cell phones (in case you accidentlly loose eachother) -rain ponchos -sunglasses -sunscreen -hair brush/hair tie -gum -water bottle -snacks (granola bars, chips, cheese crackers.....) -band aids -neosporin -advil (ibuprofen) -imodium antidiarrheal medicine (don't make fun it comes in handy sometimes) -pen/paper/autograph book for characters
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Shae Shae
The mugs are refillable at your resort only, not inside the parks. You can refill your water bottle cheaper than buying more bottled water, obviously, but lots of people don't like the taste of Florida water and won't end up drinking it anyway. So is it a necessity - no. Can it work to save you money - possibly. Remember that if your bag is not waterproof, you will need to store your things inside something waterproof, such as Zip-lock bags, for the water rides. I have never gotten so soaked at Disney that I have needed an extra change of clothes. It's Florida, it's hot, and you dry fast. That's not necessary, in my opinion. It would also take up less space to buy a cheap $1 poncho to wear over your clothes on those rides. Be sure to slather on the sunscreen before you go. Personally, I must have sunglasses and lip balm when I go. It's not a bad idea to take a little all-purpose medicine with you, like aspirin or Tylenol, particularly if you are prone to problems, like headaches, backaches, etc. The only things you cannot take are glass bottles and alcohol.
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Oneida Oneida
Suntan lotion, and I also bring a hat. Maybe bring something for the characters to sign along with a big pen that they can hold with their character gloves on. Also consider a plastic bag large enough to slip your cameras in when you are on the water rides. You may not need to carry a water bottle if you do not want to. Just an FYI-you can go to any counter service restaurant and they will give you a nice big glass of ice water for free, so that can save you some carrying space. Another tip, many people think the water from WDW tastes gross, so consider buying some instant flavored drink packets to tuck into your pack for when you fill up at the drinking fountains.
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Maeveen Maeveen
The key to being comfortable is to bring as little as possible. The last thing you want to do is drag around a full backpack full of provisions. It's completely un necessary. Wear comfortable shoes, loose fitting, light colored clothes, Bring sunscreen, bring your camera and cash. You don't need anything else. If you must have a water bottle bring a small one and refill it in the water fountains outside the rest rooms. If you get wet at all it won't be enough to worry about and in fact, in the FLA summer heat it will be welcome relief. You won't stay wet long.
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Kerri Kerri
I always pack my bag with: - 1 brush - 1 camera - wallet/id/money/bank card - cell phone - tissues - feminine products - sunscreen - hand sanitizer - hat & sunglasses - snacks - rain poncho - a couple of plastic bags I never bring water anymore since it is abundant there, fountains are everywhere and you can get it at snack stands, too. I don't think a change of clothes is necessary. It's warm enough to walk around wet, and you get dry fairly quickly most of the time.
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Kerri Originally Answered: Should I bring a backpack to disney world and universal studios orlando?
I usually do take a small backpack or crossbody bag. However, there are no cubbies at the rides at Disney. You can take your bag on every ride with you, assuming it's not too large. Many rides have a pouch where you can place it during the ride, while you just have to hold onto it on others. I've never had an issue with my bag, and we go on all the big rides. You can rent a locker if you want, but they are not conveniently located (they're at the front of the parks). Large lockers are $10 and small lockers are $8, plus a $5 key deposit. Universal DOES offer lockers at the rides where they consider it necessary to leave your bag, and they require that you use them in those cases. They are free to use for the duration of the ride. There are lockers you can rent for the day there, but I don't recall the cost. I think it's comparable.

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