How to study everything in the medical textbook in 2 weeks?

How to study everything in the medical textbook in 2 weeks? Topic: What is content when writing an essay
November 20, 2019 / By Asia
Question: I am a medical student. I am currently studying paediatrics. I have an exam in one month. In our university, there is a prescribed textbook for the students. My tutor said I must learn everything in that textbook, every line by line and word by word in order to get distinction. Actually, I think learning every word by word in the textbook is too childish for a medical student. I just want to learn the concepts. But, most of my classmates studied the textbook in that way, reciting every word by word. So, I am kinda afraid that I will not be able to get distinction if I continue studying in my own way. So, I have decided to recite every word by word in the textbook. I planned to finish up learning everything in two weeks. I know it is a pretty short duration. But I must finish so that I will have extra time doing other stuffs like mcqs, presentations and most important, REVISION. What I am worrying about is that I will not finish in time. Can you help me how to study everything in the textbook in two weeks? I have read the whole textbook over and over again for at least 3 times before, so I have the basic concepts. I just need to recite everything. Have anyone done that before? How was your experience and how was your exam results? And how did you plan your study schedule? I think when I can recite everything in the textbook, it will save much time in revision.
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Best Answers: How to study everything in the medical textbook in 2 weeks?

Zuph Zuph | 9 days ago
I would have NO MISSION of learning a textbook word for word, however, my preferred way would be to create a mind map of the content and learn that. A mind map is a visual reminder of content and uses little icons or pictures as a way of remembering things in a kind of shorthand. It is much easier (in my opinion) to learn a mind map off and be able to view it in your head to be able to access any portion of the information. I have included a link to how to create a mind map. Once you know the technique (which is very easy to learn) you can use it for anything, learning material, writing an essay, planning an article, etc.
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Solly Solly
Trying to study every single chapter of your textbooks word for word would be a nightmare! Your main aim now should be to understand the main concepts and terminologies. In order to make sure that you don’t forget anything for your exams, you should consider signing up to online revision classes. PasTest is the leading publisher of medical revision books offering essential revision notes to thousands of medical students and doctors.
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Osbert Osbert
Prepare for you medical exam, USMLE, MCCEE with a FREE MCQs and clinical cases! + ECGs, CXRs, Blood films, labs... http://www.medmcqs.com
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