Matching ink when adding to an existing tattoo?

Matching ink when adding to an existing tattoo? Topic: Handy case shop
November 20, 2019 / By Dolley
Question: The guy who did this tattoo closed up shop and moved across the country.... but I've been wanting to have a little something added to it, and wonder about matching the ink that was used. Is there a limited number of colors available to tattoo artists? It's a dark purple. Thanks. Haha! Just noticed that my avatar is currently one of my tattoos.... the one I'm asking about is not that one~ it's a different one.
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Carol Carol | 7 days ago
You could still contact him and ask what brand and color he used for your tattoo. We keep records of these kinds of things in case someone has a reaction to an ink. Also comes in handy if they want to match the color.
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Angela Angela
Doesn't matter what ink is used, if it is a good artist they will match it up no problem. Have had several of mine touched up from completely different artists and i don't think it matters at all, one of mine was done in Thailand and had to be retouched and the artist just matched his bottles to the color in my skin. Dark purple tends to be a rather easy color to match i would guess. It is a pretty standard color for an artist to have and use. If not they will mix it into the old tattoo so you shouldn't even notice the different inks. Just make sure to check there portfolio and see if there art is good enough for you and you should be fine.
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Wilfred Wilfred
Pale colors and white are generally used for shading and tend to fade easily. Ask your tattoo artist what he/she recommends if you do not want it done in black ink. White probably wont show up on your skin very well no matter how fair your complexion is.
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