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November 21, 2019 / By Ladonna
Question: Alright, there is a bunch of DNA (over a meter in a single cell by twisting, bending, and folding over its self). Introns: Not involved for coding proteins. Exons: Involved in protein coding. The Introns are also known as "Junk" DNA from research of the "Human Gnome Project" the thing is, if we have junk DNA than won't we be able to get into the DNA and give is some sort of function? If i'm correct that our DNA gives us what we need (our traits) and is we have junk DNA than we could use that to increase what we already have (harder skin for those who go into combat or farther sight/clearer sight, etc...) I would think that this would lead to many discoveries about the human race and a way to modify people that have disabilities. If you're blind, use some of the junk DNA to give them sight, or if you're mentally retarded to give them more of an opportunity to learn. it's a thought and i want to know if it's possible.
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Jenelle Jenelle | 5 days ago
we dont have any junk DNA... we have only DNA and RNA .. maybe ur confused that RNA is the "junk" DNA?
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