Do you usually write an inscription inside a book that you give someone?

Do you usually write an inscription inside a book that you give someone? Topic: Dream writing a name
November 20, 2019 / By Maurice
Question: I ask because I am practically incapable of writing inside a book (I feel like I'm ruining it), yet my boyfriend ALWAYS writes me an inscription inside books he gives me and I absolutely love it. Do you only write inscriptions for certain people? What do you usually write? Do you ever receive books with inscription? I'm kind of conflicted because I bought a tiny little pocket sized book for my boyfriend, for no occasion, just because I saw it and thought of him, it's about dreams (he has very weird and vivid dreams) and I am sitting here wondering if and what I should write inside. Does that ever happen to anyone else?
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Best Answers: Do you usually write an inscription inside a book that you give someone?

Jocelyn Jocelyn | 2 days ago
I have never wrote an inscription inside of a book. But, it sounds very romantic. I would write something short and sweet (guys aren't that mushy feely and dont like reading. Write something like "When I saw this book I thought of you. I hope you like it! Love, your name
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Jocelyn Originally Answered: Should i put the paper inside the book and give it to him?
If your saying you dont love him and have no feelings for him i would do anything , if you give it to him you will show him that you still care and you want to get together since your working so hard to give him a gift or a letter, i dont know the specifics but all in all in a guys mind thats what he is going to think.. So up to you if you dont its okay no worries just give him his book back, if you do be prepared for feelings to come back and maybe good or sad , choose wisely.. email me for more insights and tips :) crossbrunner@yahoo.com

Gregg Gregg
I always do; But of course, I always know what I am going to write - And also I usually write it in pencil first, then do it over with a nicer pen or something. Good luck! [I think you should]
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Dunky Dunky
i color pictures too :D if its heartfelt, then your not ruining it. i only write it for friends and family. i right words like inside jokes, or how i'm proud of them, or how much i love them. i get books like that alot :D
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Brutus Brutus
yeah, it makes it more personal, and like you really took time and thought about it, instead of, 'heres your book'. its your boyfriend so you definitely should.
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Brutus Originally Answered: If i was to Write a Book to give to a girl about how much i love her?
Why don't you start off with a preface, saying how much you love her then start with the days leading up to meeting her or how long youve known her (eg. Childhood friend) then write about troubles you faced, writing little comments here snd there. Then maybe put some good memories to lighten it up then finish off with what you see it turning into.... The future you two have? Why dont you ask her to marry you if you're ready, no pressure. Good luck. And remember, I'd doesn't have to be long, as long as its real

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