Help! with my education.10 POINTS?

Help! with my education.10 POINTS? Topic: How to write a grant for public schools
November 20, 2019 / By Wesley
Question: i was in year 10 last year, but i missed the second half because of illness its looking like i mite have to repete year 10. and i dont want to go back to the high school i was going to because its a 40km bus trip and im suffering self esteme issues plus its not that great anyway. but the 2 local schools here are dumps and full of deros so im not going to those public schools there is one privet school close but im not garented exceptance because i didnt complete grade 10 and i know theres other options like going to tafe and just complete year 11 & 12 but thats a bit of a drive. and theres the home schooling option too. if i do get accepted into the privet school how will i afford the bills when mum dosent work and i dont live with my father. is there any grants in australia that can get you through all the bills of privet schooling. or is there and garente that i will get into the privet school? like i mean iv been going to this public school since grade 8 but my education just fell down hill... but i would really like someones help im in need of assistance. i will give 10 points for the best ancer
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Sammie Sammie | 7 days ago
I think you ought to repeat grade 10 and learn how to spell and write sentences. Personally, I know nothing about the education system in Australia, but if you missed half the year and didn't do the work, you will not be able to do the 11th grade work. Repeat the grade. You'll make new friends and it'll be a great year. You might even improve your self esteem.
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Myles Myles
Finish the tenth grade in the summer. In the U.S. if you fail a grade you sometimes fet a chance to redo it in summer. If summer school doesn't work go to the private school and pay for it by getting a summer job. Another way to get money is by asking releatives. I'm sure they'll give you some.
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