Y&R - Why can't Jack ever get away with anything?

Y&R - Why can't Jack ever get away with anything? Topic: Best friends in bubble writing letters
November 21, 2019 / By Maeve
Question: He always gets busted.... Why can't he get away with something? It seems everyone else on this show has! Maggie, don't hate on Jack. Jack is my favorite! Dance, SharHOn always gets on my nerves.....How about her "We'll always be friends" speech with Victor in the hospital? Dave, I believe GloHo was scamming John too. It's always about money with Glo $$$$$
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Keri Keri | 6 days ago
I like Jack too. I don't know what he never gets away with anything. He waits to long to come clean, if he would just explain himself sooner than that would burst their bubbles. What he does has a good reason like buying Jabot to keep it in the family. He wouldnt have been denyed access to Jabot it Gloria hadnt gotten to the husband of the lady she basically killed and had him put that clause in his settlement. Michael and Kevin seem to forget all about that and the putting stuff in the tea for Jill and JiMin to get William. She is the lowest of the low. I hope that they find out they were the ones who bugged the boardroom. I remember when Gloria all but insisted that Kevin get a job at Jabot (with no college degree mind you) and interfered with the salary/contract. Gloria (and her family) are on my last nerve. They seem to think John's family should have treated her better. She lied, scemed etc... and yeah he forgave her but they dont have too. I think Jack screwed up we he had John cut her out of the Will completely. He should have given her a mere pitance or a monthly allotment for a few years. You have to earn respect to get it. I hope Jack proves that this letter is a hoax. I don't think John wrote it. He might of wrote some of it but I bet she paid someone to write more. Gloria with all her screaming and crying. I hope they find out that she and Kevin are behind all of these terrible emails too. I hope Sharon leaves Jack. He is better off with out her. I just hate to see what it will do to poor Noah. She can go be with the hollier than thou Newmans who believe that they are special and above everything including the law.
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Jacobina Jacobina
Jack (Peter B. great actor that he is) is the reason I started watching Y&R. He's the best, and no matter what, I am always rooting for him. Even when he's bad, he's good !!!! The answer to your question is, while he was alive, his Dad, rode herd over him. Now that John is dead, his ghost is in his face all the time. It's annoying to me !!! It's almost like they are rewriting history here, especially when it concerns old freaky Gloria !! This whole story line with that letter, and the supposedly great love between Gloria and John, I am not buying it at all. Don't forget, old freaky Gloria had everything to do with the legal problems of Jabot (tainted face cream), and why John was in jail and eventually led to his death. She'd prefer everyone look at her as some holier than thou widow. The truth about her has got to start unwinding soon. Fans are getting tired of her....she's a legend in her own mind and has the most outlandish reasons for why she does all these sneaky, underhanded things.
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Emelie Emelie
What ever jack gets he deserves. He has done somethings that are just unforgivable. Like what he did to victor when they found out he had epilepsy seizures. He took advantage of victor when he was really sick - so cam scam money for his own agenda. I do not like the person that jack has become lately. I like the jack before he lost jabot and before he sent all his family away. And the jack before his father died. The Jack - I liked is no more. This jack don't care who he hurts - as long as he gets what he wants. Look - what he did to ashly. He dragged her into the company situation. And he made her lie to victor to futher his own agenda. So - jack is finally getting what he so richly deserves.
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Christina Christina
Did you honestly think that Jack would become senator and still be able to keep all of his secrets? He should have known better than to even run for the senate seat. Any time someone gets into a public position, there are always people looking to expose all their dirty secrets.
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Avelina Avelina
Jack always has good intentions, but steps on way to many toes in the process. Peter B. is a GREAT actor!
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