Do you think sociology will get me far in life?

Do you think sociology will get me far in life? Topic: Non thesis meaning of
November 20, 2019 / By Heck
Question: i might study sociology does anyone know how long it takes to get the degree, how much the wage is and generally how long thw working hours are
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Best Answers: Do you think sociology will get me far in life?

Eliphalet Eliphalet | 4 days ago
Sociology can be applied to almost any field. A Bachelor's degree in sociology will take you four years, though many positions in any field nowadays require a Master's for advancement - this doesn't mean you need a Master's to get into the position, many employers will pay for you to get your Master's while you are working. A Master's can take anywhere from one to three years, depending on your thesis (some schools don't require a thesis at all, making it easy to finish in one year.) As I said above, sociology can lead to many, many careers. The most common are research (which covers any discipline), education, government, health care, social work, business, and sometimes law if one pursues law school. Sociology is the study of interaction and can help you on every level, from fights with your mom to jealous friends, from dealing with your professor to dealing with your boss. This sociology class is possibly the most useful class for your future and is offered at almost every university: Sociology of Organizations - this class will teach you not only about how a business works, but about the inner workings of churches/synagogues/mosques, the government as a whole and government agencies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, schools, and more. You will study every type of organization, which will help you understand the organization you end up working with when you graduate. The hours and wages will depend, usually sociology is offered at liberal arts schools, most liberal arts students begin in entry level positions when they graduate, but then move up quickly in their field. If you want to get ahead, look for internships, work-study programs, or just plain part-time or summer jobs while you are still school. That experience will help you start higher in any organization. Sociology majors in school can choose specializations, for instance in social psychology, statistical research, or more towards social work, and these can help you narrow down what career you want. But in general sociology lends itself to many different areas of the labor force and is a good foundation for any career that deals with people and large groups - which today is many positions. Good luck!
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Eliphalet Originally Answered: Sociology.what does it mean?
Hi Mish, Sociologists study how and why we interact with one another and the social systems within which such interactions occur. As a health professional all of your interactions with your colleagues and patients occur within the constructed social systems that sociologists study. The hospital, the family units of patients, the bureaucratic systems of insurance companies and governments, the community, etc. The roles and values of individuals which are acquired from our culture shape how people will respond to you in your role as a health professional. You'll need to balance your professional duties with your role in your family and community. How you're treated in the professional hierarchy of the health care system is a subject of sociological interest. The entire web of your relations with others and your ability to function successfully depends on how you fit into these various social systems. BTW, a recent topic of interest in sociology has to do with how patients move through the health care system. Unnecessary duplication of tests, the treatment of patients as "cases" or "diseases"... "the lung cancer case in room 214," vs. "Jane Doe.. a human being with a family and feelings in room 214," etc. is changing how we provide care and is improving outcomes. I could go on but I'm guessing you catch my drift. Regards.

Chaz Chaz
An English degree in Sociology takes 3 years. There is no specific job you can get with Sociology and finding work after your degree is quite hard, but then this is the case with most degrees now. Sociology will get you far in life on a personal level, you may not end up fabulously rich or have the best job in the world but you will learn about why society is as it is, why people react the way they do and ultimatley make more sense of your life as a whole. Sociology is a beautiful mixture of communication studies, religious studies, gender studies, anthropology, politics and history. It will open your eyes and your mind and your heart to a world you never really saw before and I personally think this is worth far more than a highly paid job where you sell your soul, it just depends on your reasons for studying. If you really just want the money go into law or medicine and good luck whatever you choose, education is always a worthwhile and life altering experiance.
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Alvyn Alvyn
Sociology is a building degree. By this I mean it generally takes a Master's degree to work outside the public sector. The schooling for the Bachelor's degree (what you must first attain) will take a minimum of 4 years depending upon whether you take only the recommended courses, how much you apply yourself, and the amount of hours that you take each sememster. The additional schooling for Master's degree will take 2-3 years, depending on the same conditions. As to whether or not it will take you far in life is up to you. What most people do not realize is that when you decide to go to college, and you recieve training, you may or may not fall into a particular field once you hit the job market. Instead a college degree is meant to be broad in spectrum and about 3 inches deep, except for a few specialty classes. This allows a former college student the breadth to be flexible in his/her employment. College also teaches you something that you get nowhere else in life. It teaches you HOW TO STUDY. This is an extremely valuable lesson, and one that will make you much more valuable as an employee. All in all it takes approximately 7 years to achieve your master's degree. And although that may sound like a long time, put it in this perspective, "Am I willing to take 7 years out of my life and have opportunities, OR do I want to flip burgers or work under others for an eternity?" Work hard now...Play hard later!
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Thyrza Thyrza
don't worry about what a BA degree will get you for a job, because the answer is not much...unless you decide to go into accounting or nursing...but if you like something, go for it, you will be much happier going to class and you'll actually learn something. A Bachelor's takes 4..possibly 5..years. A masters, you usually have 5 years to complete but can do in 1 to 3 depending...I minored in Sociology and i loved my classes, very interesting. If you aren't sure though, I would suggest going to school "undeclared" and taking a few courses in different disciplines to find out what interests you the most...i ended up choosing economics with a minor in sociology...it didn't get me much for a job believe it or not, but i got great grades because i truely enjoyed all of my classes....if you have the opportunity to do any type of internship...do it..employers look for experience and a degree just shows them that you can commit to something long term and perform.
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Roselyn Roselyn
It takes 3 years to gain a BA(Hons) degree in the UK. Sociology is a fascinating subject, but is a general education not a specific profession (such as law, architecture). By itself sociology will not gain you mega-bucks - no subject guarantees that (Hi to all the poor lawyers out there). WIthin the public sector wages are low, but you get to do something worthwhile. Social scientists in the private sector do well in marketing and PR. A friend of mine is seriously rich from market research; obviously I feel no jealousy as I have helped so many people in the probation service .....
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Roselyn Originally Answered: Sociology help?
Write about Social Class: How they are different? upper middle and lower class what it takes to move from one to another

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