How can I get my band signed?

How can I get my band signed? Topic: Great cover letter opening
November 21, 2019 / By Markus
Question: I have a band called The Catalysts ..We are from India.. We play Alternative Rock. We are a teen band.. So I wanted to know will someone sign us? and how do we get signed?
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Jerold Jerold | 1 day ago
Ahh, if it were only that easy. Q: "Will you sign my band?" A: "Uhh, OK." First, sending unsolicited demos to record labels is just a waste of your time and resources. The majority of the labels out there will either refuse the delivery, or throw it away without even opening the package. The reason is because people are freakin' law suit happy now. Let's say you send in a song, they listen to it, but decide it's not a fit. You get the nice rejection letter after that. Then, 6 months from now they have a major artist that comes out with a song that sounds like what you sent in. Now, you figure they ripped off your song...so you file a lawsuit. Multiply that by a hundred times over, and that's why labels rarely accept unsolicited material any more. You need to have it presented by either a manager or entertainment lawyer. At least, that's what it's devolved into here in the US. In these days of CD Baby, iTunes, & YouTube, why do you need to be "signed". A lot of bands have left their labels behind and are doing it on their own now....mainly for financial reasons. If you're with a label, you might get a dollar for every album your sell. Yeah, you read that right...ALBUM...not a single song. And you're not going to see any money until the label recoups their investment in you (recording time / advertising / printing and duplication costs / promotion). Friends of mine from the area "made it" in the late 80's / early 90's....Google the band "Dangerous Toys". They were signed to a major label. Their first album went gold, but the second and third...not so much as far as sales goes. They had great tour support from the label for a while, but that dried up when their record sales did. After 4 or so years, their contract was up, and they owed the label serveral hundred thousand dollars. Still want to get signed? If you do, nobody is going to touch you unless you can show you already have a fan base. You do that from playing shows and getting professional recordings and video out there. And please tell me you're writing your own material. The world really doesn't need another teen cover band. Record a demo (professionally in a studio...not through someone' iPhone), make a video or two (again, professionally), put 'em out there and see what happens. Good luck. Greetings from Austin, TX Ken
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Gil Gil
First you need a fanclub, then record a demo and send it in to multiple companies, you want your fanbase firs though, at least 150 people to show that people will buy your music if you get signed.
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Donald Donald
Record a demo and send it to multiple record labels. Whichever label gives you the best deal, you accept the offer to be signed to them.
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