Help on Malcom X essay?

Help on Malcom X essay? Topic: My contributions to society essay
November 20, 2019 / By Annabelinda
Question: First one to give me a reasonable paragraph for this question gets 10 points. How did Malcom X's contributions have a positive influence on society? PLEASE HELP! THANKS!
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Winfrid Winfrid | 5 days ago
Forgive me for not doing your homework FOR you, but I think you might actually learn something if you write this yourself. (gasp!) Here's a starting point: Malcolm X tried to teach black Americans that we did not have to turn the other cheek as many other Civil Rights activists [down South] were teaching. He told us that we have a right to defend ourselves and we have a right to be angry when our brothers, uncles, fathers and sons were being lynched and killed in record numbers. Now, as far as your support is concerned, that will be where research and reading kick in. Good luck!
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ok, your first difficulty is which you wrote a question no longer a fact. A thesis fact is an debatable opinion, that's what you're protecting and proving in the time of your paper, and this is the standard element of your total paper. listed under are a pair of examples of thesis statements to help you: After examining the area thoroughly, maximum folk will agree that best college pupils could be allowed to take academic journeys to foreign places worldwide places. even nevertheless my relatives and that i've got taken many stunning trip trips, none replace into greater exciting and exciting than our tenting holiday to the Grand Canyon. Your thesis does not unavoidably might desire to be as long or complicated as those (those have a average length and complexity). besides the undeniable fact that it would desire to state the opinion you will coach and take care of on your paper; it fairly is non-negotiable. Does that help?

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