Is the world falling apart because people are turning away from Zeus?

Is the world falling apart because people are turning away from Zeus? Topic: By the way of the cross the sisters
November 20, 2019 / By Christabel
Question: Everything has been going down-hill since the Golden Age of Greece. Is losing faith in Zeus the reason? C'mon, any god who seduces women while in the form of a giant swan is one swinging diety!
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Best Answers: Is the world falling apart because people are turning away from Zeus?

Augusta Augusta | 9 days ago
From what I can remember, people worshiped the gods and goddesses of Olympus because they wanted their lands and themselves to prosper, as well as fear of noncompliance. I read once that the gods came down from their mountain sanctuary and walked among us when mortals stopped believing; some to hide, others to blend in and disappear. I guess when people all seemed to have a common belief system, a way of living to appease their saviors, things were simpler. Say what you will for superstitions, but they kept us honest. You wouldn't dare say or do anything to cross the gods, lest you or your loved ones be punished. Would it really happen? Who's to say. Can a man, a god even, control the elements and aim lighting bolts at his enemies? I would say it was a long shot, but I could always be disproved. In times when we may be needing answers, it may be nice to think there might be a being more magnificent than ourselves, be it the one in charge, or even the one who guarantees a good wine. If that being would punish us for our disbelief by degrading the world as we know it, that would not be a god I would like to worship. And are we even asking the correct question? From what I remember, Zeus' wife/sister Hera always seemed to be the one truly in charge.
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do u believe man to be god ?....the first human being used to be soo tall or they were titans...but on later time their height got small and now they have reach the size which u see now days....the other is just a falsehood nothing els...

Abbigael Abbigael
No. The way I see it the truth of reality is beyond humans and any particluar belief or belieif system is just a facet of reality. But we have plenty of other religons going strong, so I don;t see why that shouldn't compensate for just one religion (and just one god of a polytheistic religion). And the world isn't falling apart. Yeah, some scary things are happening but it is not like we are experiencing a nuclear holocaust or something. So relax a bit, as for global warming we still have a chance to fix it and Zeus isn't going to do that.
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Stafford Stafford
Actually everything is going downhill since the fall of the Roman Empire. And Zeus is being worshipped more than the previous post-romance ages.
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Otis Otis
You know, Zeus was a pretty crappy manager of mankind, too. The Greeks had fabulous culture, but they also had wars and plagues and terrible things -- a lot like our present management! Not to mention, He was a rapist and a murderer. All in all, not a great god, although he had a good floor show.
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Lesly Lesly
No no : thats not right at all It has been going down hill since people stopped worshipping Freyja Sex with dwarfs and a pointy helmut worn by a warrior blonde - That would straighten things out dam it ! Not like these kids today and their plastic jesus on the dashboard No good can come of plastic jesus - No good I tell you
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Jamieson Jamieson
yea, man they even made a game and a freaking sequel (God of War and God of War II) about killing Greek Gods. Come on, everyone know incestuous Gods are the true Gods (how else are they going to keep their bloodline pure?)
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