How many people have considered suicide because of math classes?

How many people have considered suicide because of math classes? Topic: Homework frustrations in life
November 21, 2019 / By Keithia
Question: I don't mean to make fun or mock a serious thing like suicide, but it's a legitimate question. Our educational system is flawed in that you are forced to take classes that you are not mentally configured to do well in - for example, I really really struggle with math. I do very well in real world applications with numbers, for example accounting and econ, those make sense. Math problems where it's just how to take gibberish numbers and get some other gibberish kill me. I'm a very visual person, I don't remember specifics, I remember concepts, so a formula will cause me problems but I can explain economic theories with graphs all day long. My question is this - how many people, forced to take more math than a basic business degree should have to take (calculus), have considered suicide solely because of that class? Admins who require useless math for a non-math related degree should be charged with murder. I have other problems but this is the first time I've thought like this. Taranto - So, the extreme frustration of being forced to take a class that you are bound to fail or at least be miserable in, may not be the whole reason but it can be a big part of suicide. Suicide is simply the easy way out of a terrible situation - I consider Calculus class (especially with a crappy, indifferent teacher) a terrible situation. Not saying it's the right choice, but the question is given a class that you are failing despite 20+ hours a week of studying and homework, be it math or english or whatever, how many people have even briefly thought about suicide? Maybe I'm being a little over-dramatic, but the point is this: after high school, you are getting a degree in something. You should not need to take classes outside of your degree program. Why make a math major take art if they hate to draw and can't even do a stick figure? Same concept.
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Innes Innes | 9 days ago
You know there are left brain and right brain people out there. I am good at math, but I could not draw a pencil if my life depended on it. I cannot ever get the right interpretation of a poem/story/etc. People try to say we are all the same but we are not. Its not a race thing, its a people thing. I would suggest, that you retake math classes but at a slower level. In college I took calculus before i was ready and got scores I had never seen before. really I was getting 18s and 22s. I was an econ major and had to take calculus II to graduate. in college the professors gave no partial credit, in HS if you got the right final answer but missed a step it cost you maybe 2 pts. I had to rediscipline myself an almost start from scratch. lastly, sometimes it is the teacher. I would blow away the applied business math courses, but seemed lost in the pure math theory classes. the reality is its another level of self discipline to get it done. do the calculus homework everynight! It's just like accounting, you have to train your brain via repitition.
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Innes Originally Answered: Have you ever considered comitting suicide?
I used to think about suicide a while back, and I eventually got over that. I think it's a phase everyone goes through as a teenager, which I assume you are, since you're talking about your parents putting you through school. All in all, I think that each life is completely sacred. You said your brother is 12 years older than you, and I'm in the same situation, except two of my brothers are 20 years older than me, and the other is 16 years older. It's not the brotherly bond some people have, but you've still got to appreciate his influence. Also, your parents aren't burdened by you, regardless of what you may think. I'm sure they appreciate you more than they appreciate their friends. You are a part of them, and I'm sure you brought them closer than they'd ever been, even if you have an older brother. That's way more valuable than spending time with their friends. I know this sounds sugar coated, but I'm totally serious. I've been in your shoes. Here's a part of an article I read once, that completely changed my view on my life: "That my existence required miracles so unimaginably unlikely as to boggle the mind. First, as described above, our universe has very specific properties enabling intelligent life to arise, persist, and thrive. Second, humans happened to arise our on planet, but this was an exceedingly unlikely event. Numerous evolutionary ancestor species of humans came close to extinction, from the chordates to the limbed fishes to the synapsid tetrapods to the primates to the apes. Any such ancestral extinction would've prevented humans from ever existing. Third, although there are over six billion humans on the planet, there are more than 10^30th non-human living creatures on the planet. Why do you and I happen to be humans? And six billion is just a tiny fraction of the number of possible people. If you define yourself in terms of your genes, then the likelihood of your existence was vanishingly small. Even just your parent's genes could've mixed in about 64 trillion different ways. And the number of possible human DNA combinations is vastly greater than the number of atoms in the universe. However, multiple people can have the same DNA, as any identical twin can tell you. So in calculating the likelihood of my existence, the sample size from which probability calculations should be done is not the number of DNA combinations, but rather (it seems to me) infinite. Another approach is to look at ancestral lineage. Over 90% of all the creatures that have ever lived died childless, but this was not the case for a single one of the approximately 50 billion parents along my or your 3.8 billion year ancestral lineage. By this definition of identity (and making the simplifying if incorrect assumption of no correlation between survivability of parent and child), your a priori chance of having such a fortunate ancestry was 1 in 10 to the 50 billionth power. Most philosophers would say that there's no coincidence in need of explanation; a conscious entity exists, it was going to be someone and it happened to be me. But I find that explanation unsatisfying, and keep returning to the question: why me? The fact that I was one of the "chosen" people astonishes me. You exist; Rejoice!" I hope I helped you out!
Innes Originally Answered: Have you ever considered comitting suicide?
No one in this world actually matters so you're pretty much in the same boat as everyone else. Don't think about committing suicide, it's not glamorous or useful. I don't know what in your life that is actually bad or going bad, but if your parents complain about putting you through school, then ask if they want you to quit school and get a job. If they don't want that from you, then tell them that once you finish school and can get a good job, you'll pay them back. They have no right to complain about not being able to retire because of you and you have no right to think that way. You sound like a very nice person, probably sweet and sensitive. There doesn't sound like anything is wrong with you. Just that you need to toughen up a bit. If you pray, I'm assuming your somewhat religious. Maybe you should find a good religious outlet, like a church or youth group. It might keep your mind off of things or help you see things a bit more positively.

Elea Elea
no question. dropping math is a much greater advantageous answer. the alternative could make it impossible to do any of the different issues which you DO delight in. in view which you're patently no longer stupid, i'm prepared to guess which you're able to do precisely effective if somebody could clarify the mathematics innovations to you in a various way. have you ever been examined for a gaining expertise of incapacity? only as some human beings won't be able to verify to study an identical way as anybody else because of the fact of dyslexia, there are people who're only under pressure in any different case while it includes math. in the event that they might confirm what it grew to become into with you, they could be greater advantageous waiting to offer you techniques of reading that would desire to paintings for you. one situation i could advise is which you end asserting, even to your self, which you won't be able to do math. It turns right into a self-pleasing prophecy. The greater you tell your self which you won't be able to do it, the fewer you're able to do it in view which you get to the element the place it only terrifies you. you may desire to alter your finished theory technique related to math. take care of the painkiller habit too. you could proceed to exist the caffeine, even no be counted if it relatively is not perfect for you, however the painkillers are truly risky and might desire to break your existence.
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Cherise Cherise
Anyone who considers suicide because of a math class has much bigger problems than understanding math. While someone may claim it as a reason -- he would be a liar.
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Cherise Originally Answered: Why is suicide considered such a bad alternative if you don't believe there is a good reason for life?
Well, obviously this is a subject which could involve a great deal of discussion and debate. I am a proponent of "end-stage assisted suicide" (death with dignity), for instance. Yet I have been the one who has revived many people who attempted suicide (as opposed to merely making a "suicide gesture") in accordance with my oath to provide emergency medical care to the sick and injured when called upon to do so in my line of work. I know that a couple of them were really pissed at me when the Narcan I administered reversed the narcotic effect of that big dose of heroin they spent their last bit of money to "check out" with. One of them was actually able to land a sucker punch on the side of my head while I was still working to maintain his airway. With time, I got better at being able to predict just when the Narcan would take effect so I could be out of striking distance. Of the successful suicide scenes I have witnessed, self-inflicted gunshot wounds were the most effective (although a 12-gauge shotgun blast at chin level really is more than is required, and ended up blasting brain matter and skull fragments through a wall and into an adjacent room). High speed freight trains also worked well at providing a quick and sure exit from existence, but made for a lot of work for us picking up body parts for the coroner deputy along almost a mile of track -- in the middle of the night. The only problem occurred when one guy chickened out at the last second and tried to jump out of the way of the train. The "cattle guard" (a big iron wedge that is located on the front of every locomotive) clipped him right in the crotch and severed both his legs, yet didn't kill him. And, unfortunately for him, we arrived in time to staunch his blood loss and package him for med-evac transport to the trauma center. I've always wondered whether he had a new appreciation for life after that experience, or whether he was angry that he survived. "Hangings" tended to be hit-and-miss, depending entirely on the skill of the noose-maker (13 knots!) and their attention to detail. In some instances, rather that delivering the quick snap which severs the cervical spine and results in almost instant death, the unfortunate novice suffered for many agonizing minutes as he either suffocated to death or was rudely rescued by some meddling public safety official who was called to the scene. Carbon monoxide poisoning (the old hose from the exhaust pipe into the driver side window of the car routine) also was hit-and-miss, depending on if the victim was discovered before death could occur. Intentional overdoses were by far the most popular choice, and one of the least effective (stop with all the Tylenol overdoses already! All it does is destroy your liver, but doesn't kill you...well until your liver quits and you're not high enough on the donor recipient list, that is). Activated charcoal, a good (painful) stomach pumping, coupled with an ET tube inserted right into the the lungs hooked up to 100% high-flow oxygen was usually enough to keep that from being successful. And then there were the rare cases which involved some creative methods. Plunging off a 100' cliff at 70 mph was effective, but made for a very long on-scene time for us (I always enjoyed being able to rappel down the side of a cliff though). Filling the house with natural gas and then striking a match was irresponsible, and tended to cause unwarranted collateral damage to neighboring properties. And in two cases the victim was still alive (although burned beyond recognition and begging for morphine) when we got there. Of course they died later, but I'm sure they had intended for it to be over much quicker and less painfully. I remember early in my career being told by a wise veteran member of the department that the things I would see and situations I would face would actually change me, challenge my beliefs, and cause me to look at the world around me in a completely different manner than what I had been accustomed to. He told me that it comes with the job, and happens to everyone in that line of work. He was right.

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