Lycoming TIO-360 vs TSIO-360: why?

Lycoming TIO-360 vs TSIO-360: why? Topic: Pdf application letters
November 20, 2019 / By Belteshazzar
Question: I saw in a list of aircraft engines that both a TIO and TSIO 360 engine exist. My understanding of engines is that a turbo is effectively "free" power because it is powered by exhaust gases while a supercharger is powered off the crankshaft. Since the point of the turbo is to maintain manifold pressure at altitude it seems to me that the "S" is effectively robbing you of horsepower at all altitudes. What aircraft applications would benefit from having the TSIO vs TIO engine installed? The wikipedia page on the O-360 lists a TIO-360 as a turbocharged, fuel injected engine and a TSIO-360 as a Turbosupercharged, fuel injected engine. Since the Wiki page references the actual FAA documents (I even went and looked at them) the "S" is not simply a letter some confused individual typed. It isn't clear from the pdfs what a "turbosupercharger" is, and how it is different from a "turbocharger" but Lycoming most certainly did produce these two distinct engines.
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Aaren Aaren | 10 days ago
HA - and you think Wiki is correct? The TSIO-360 is Teledyne Continental the TIO-360 is Lycoming and here is the FAA Proof! http://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidan... Notice in the list there is no Lycoming TSIO just TIO but there sure is a TSIO just made by Continental! Hope that helps but check the Lycoming Catalog if you don't believe me.. The Wiki needs fixing just as it normally does! http://www.lycoming.textron.com/engines/... ADD- I just went and checked the FAA refs. on the WIKI and the last one on the TSIO http://www.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and... is for Continental. You should recheck who its issued to.
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Sherry Sherry
The power gained from the use of a supercharger far out weighs the power used to run the supercharger. Turbochargers do use energy that is mainly wasted, but it's not completely free - there is some exhaust back pressure compared to a straight exhaust that does cause a similar loss of power. Turbochargers suffer from turbo lag - because they rely on exhaust gases to spin up, turbos generate little if any boost at low speeds, and then produce a rapidly increasing amount of boost, which can lead to over boosting the engine. On the turbo Mooney I fly from time to time, on take off you slowly advance the throttle to half power , then leave it there for a moment while the turbo's spin up. Both turbo and super chargers lose some effectiveness because the process of compressing air also heats it, which reduces it's density, and the hot air causes the engine to run much hotter. This is much more pronounced on turbos. The turbo will run red hot (at night they actually glow), and some of this heat is transferred to the incoming airflow. Turbos are favored in light aircraft because they are mechanically simpler, lighter, and run at constant power settings most of the time, so lag is not an issue. Superchargers were pretty common on the large piston engines used during WWII.
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Peony Peony
T in front of an engine model means turbo-supercharged. TS means the same thing only wirtten by a person who doesn't know tha S means supercharged, as in a belt or gear driven supercharger as opposed to one powered by exhaust gas. The correct designation of the 360 is TIO. There were a couple of engines in the '50s and '60 that were supercharged, the GSO 480 and GSO 580. G geared S supercharged O opposed cylinders
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Marjory Marjory
Ref "TSIO",,,the "Supercharged" term here does NOT mean direct drive by belt or gear... still exhaust power ,,,BUT it means it can achieve greater than sea level pressure vs a turbocharger which just MAINTAINS sea level pressures to high altitudes. And no, I cannot find a source for this... just plenty of misinformation.
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